Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Update On My Bike

You might remember that on November 17th, my bike was stolen.  Whaaa!  Seriously, it was a beautiful bike - an early Christmas present so I only had ridden it a few times and even more upsetting - my son was heartbroken over the theft.  We really love to bike for free entertainment (fresh air and exercise is good for everyone!) and - well, since we do not have a car - biking is our mode of transportation.  Both my DH and I prefer the low bar for a bike and the very week my bike was stolen, he was able to find me a new (used) bike - almost exactly the same!
This photo was taken 2 days ago.  Next on the list - a slightly bigger bike for School Boy!  Actually - he was slated to get a new bike, but then my bike got stolen so the $ went for that.  And of course, with the theft happening just before Christmas - well, it wasn't the best time.  His sweet, little bike was purchased, used, for 10 Euros.  It was advertised for 20 Euros, but the lady selling it was so charmed over his excitement at getting a new bike that she gave him 10 Euros back!  I am sure we can find another bargain for him soon - we are looking.  In Austria you need front and back lights to ride after dark and I figure the lights alone on his bike are worth 10 Euros and then a friend gave him a bell too.  Once we get him a new bike, we will be able to sell his current bike for 20 Euros no problem.  Keep in mind, that things like bikes - we need duplicates of (one for each country) so we really try to take our time and find quality, used items.
The photo above is from a December bike ride.  The weather has been really mild.  NO SNOW!  I feel badly for the skiers, but for us city folks who are going about our daily business, I don't mind the lack of snow!  It can be a bit dangerous to ride on the snowy roads, so I am just as happy not to have snow!  
My DH uses the bike alot to go down to the grocery store.  The basket on my last bike was carried up and down to the apartment for grocery shopping.  On my new bike - the basket is strapped down.  Anyway - the old basket was in our apartment when the bike was stolen... and I have put it to good use!
I had to carry the basket outside and put it on my plant shelf on my balcony so you wouldn't see all the clutter in my house!  :)  We are re-arranging things - I swear, the Legos reproduce in the night and end up everywhere!  The basket is perfect for my sweater in progress, pattern, little zippered bag for knitting tools, my socks in progress (currently on the dining room table with School Boy is doing his homework) and I see an odd ball of yarn in there for making Baby Monsters!
Yes, my bike was stolen.  Yes, it meant cutting corners somewhere else to replace it.  But - at least the bike basket wasn't stolen - and is now being used as a handy-dandy knitting basket!  Don't get me wrong - I was plenty upset that my bike was stolen (and the cut lock had to be replaced too), but at least I got my basket!  I don't know if you can see so well on the top photo of my new bike, but it has a white wire basket.  You need a basket for bringing the groceries home.
Should have posted these photos last week... but January 5th we got rid of our Christmas tree.  I wanted to get rid of it the week before, but was begged to leave it up for a bit longer.

Everyone brings their trees to designated "tree areas" and the city picks them up on the same day and then they are chipped.  I think they were all picked up on January 7th so I really had to put my foot down and insist on taking the tree down before the scheduled pick-up.  Ahhh - one thing crossed off my list.  Blame it on the city!


Anne said...

I saw in an old posting that you made the simplicity 2471 baby shoes. I am stuck!! I can't figure out how to complete the last sewing step before flipping it right side out. Could you give me a more in-depth explanation of how they will flip out? Thanks a bunch!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Hi Anne! You did not leave me your e-mail address, so I hope you think to check back in the comments for an answer to your question! Really, I made these booties about 2 years ago. I would be happy to help, except my pattern is currently in Canada and I am in the USA. I would really need to make another pair to walk you through it. I remember the directions were unclear and I flipped and fiddled around with it a bit until I got it right. Cheers! Evelyn