Monday, January 06, 2014

Rainy Sunday Night

The plaza downtown (Graz, Austria) looks so empty now that the Christkindle Markets are gone.  But the lights are still up, which I think helps prevent that "post holiday" let down so many people feel.
 What a change from the photo I posted with hordes of people, right?  I love it when the streets are less crowded.
And my side-kick - always springing up and running to get winter clothes on when this Mom announces that I can't stand it anymore, I just HAVE to get outside for walk because I am going shack-whacky no matter what the weather is outside.  Hey, that is what umbrellas are for, right?  I love him so much.
Unfortunately, it is almost time for me to leave.  How can three months go by so darn fast?  We have a complicated Visa issue in my family, in case you are wondering.  


Lori said...

Already?? Oh no. Shack wacky, not here. Wind chill about -50F this morning. I am SO not going out!!

straythreads said...

I'd bundle up for a walk on those streets too. beautiful!!