Friday, November 06, 2015

Vienna weekend in photos

Too much to write, so I am just going to share a bunch of photos from last weekend in Vienna!

The drive to and fro was very pretty!

This is an old WWII anti aircraft tower, which now houses an aquarium. 
We went to The Natural History Museum. It is huge and we did not even make it through 1/2 of it, so we will have to go again! Children up to the age of 19 are free...not 6 and under, but UP to the age of 19. Got to love that. The ceilings are super high with beautiful paintings waaay up there. The display cases are lovely old wooden cases. This is a photo from a room of sea fossils with a bit of overflow from the dinasauer room.
There is a restaurant, and we had a snack there. Pretty!
Here is a photo looking up into the dome from the entrance floor.

It was getting dark by the time we left! This is a photo of the building directly across from the museum.
I posted a few photos from the zoo in my previous post.

Wonderful getaway, but I was happy to get home, water the plants, throw in a load of laundry and cook in my own kitchen! I really think October is the perfect month to travel...not too hot or cold and no ice or snow!

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