Friday, March 03, 2006

1000 Meters of Thread

I hate running out of thread mid-way through a project, so I buy 1000 meter spools. The other day I bought a spool of dark gray and a spool of off-white - those are basically the only 2 colors I use when piecing tops, but this thread does come in tons of colors. The spool says 1000M Bistol - I have no idea of the fiber content or anything like that (it is industrial thread, if that means anything to anyone). But, I do know that a spool will last me about a month. And, it doesn't have too much lint. And, it costs only 3 Euros a spool! I don't think I will be running out of thread anytime soon.
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cher said...

sounds like the perfect thread for you! I do the same as far as color thread for piecing goes-except for a current project where I am using black-as it needs it. That is a lot of piecing to use up in a month!

Vicky said...

A spool a month! Wow! Last night I had to break out another spool of the off white Gutermann silk thread I'm using on Dutch Treat blocks. The third spool so far on this project.