Saturday, March 04, 2006

My Shopping List...

OK, so this photo has absolutely nothing to do with my shopping list - but hey! it features ANOTHER one of my big log cabins... and what kind of photo do you post with a shopping list anyway? A notebook? In anycase - this is Little Boy last July at 25 months old - I am happy to say that since this photo he has finished the teething bit - for the time being anyway - so we are past the "shove everything into my mouth" stage.

Samantha was wondering about my shopping list so I thought I would share. I absolutely must have a list in hand when entering any fabric store - otherwise I get so distracted by tons of beautiful fabric that I forget absolutely everything on my "need" list and end up with a bunch of "now whats!". So, here goes...

THE BASICS (some of this stuff I brought to Austria with me this year and I am NOT going to lug it back and forth around the world in my suitcase. Easier to buy a duplicate set)

6.5 X 24" Easy Rule II (I LOVE this ruler because a) it has little dotted lines on the edge for the 1/4" mark which makes trimming blocks with points so easy - just put the 1/4" mark on the say - star point - and trim. You will not chop your points off when you sew the blocks together because you already have a perfect 1/4" trim. And b) it has an extra 1/2" on the width.

18X24 cutting mat - the green one.
45 mm Olfa rotary cutter
sewing machine needles
thread - unless I buy more thread over here to bring with me

THE B's (borders, backings, backgrounds) - this is ALL for quilts that I have made over the winter and I NEED this stuff to finish the tops so I can mail them to my longarm quilter - and yes, I do send ALL my tops out to be quilted, but that is a post for another day. There are photos of each quilt top in my blog archives - and this list is in no particular order...

Trip Around The World - teal skinny inner border, wide brown outer border, backing

Mitre Boxes - border(s) - I am thinking 1 border in hot pink and backing

Broken Dishes - Final border and backing

Cars & Stars - Final border (red) and backing

Cot quilt - backing

Grandmother's Choice - backing. No idea about the borders! I was going to do a checkerboard border, but ended up using those scraps in my Crossed Tracks/Bars quilt! Whoops! But, I love how Crossed Tracks is turning out.

Crossed Tracks - Backing

Octagon Flowers - navy blue mottled fabric for setting triangles, border fabric, backing (still need to piece a few more octagons)

The Desperado blocks - I have the border fabric and am fairly certain I have the backing fabric, but I might need to get a backing fabric - not sure!

OK, the above list will finish NINE quilts!!!

Fabric needed to BUST MY STASH... (think Joanne's calicos here - I busted lots making 5 big log cabin quilts (aha! my leading photo DOES go with this post somehow!), but still have lots left, and lots of medium tones too)

Solid lavender fabric - I am going to make at least 1 16 patch using 2" squares and I want to use lavender as a wide sashing.

Solid blue? fabric - needed for a Robert Calahan pattern - I don't have the information here - otherwise I would share more. So - stayed tuned over the summer for this one.

Black and White - because you always seem to need these

Very cheap, lightweight fabrics for foundations for string piecing

Dark blue star points for Economy Patch (based on a quilt photo over at finn's blog ( - in her August 2005 archives). I am going to use my Wonder Cut ruler to make all those HST (half square triangles)

Light pink solid or light yellow solid for another one of finn's tops - Scrappy Squares which can be found in her November 2005 archives.

Just a side note here - if you have never visited finn's blog - go visit - it truly is a scrap quilter's dream! I am so happy that finn left me a comment today about my Mitre Box top - for one thing, I really admire her work and for another - it means that her eyes are feeling well enough to visit around in blogland (she has been having eye trouble, but thankfully is on the mend).

That would give me what I need to make at least an additional FIVE quilts!

You might notice that on that segment of the list - there is mostly background/sashing/accent fabrics... I already HAVE the stash to bust to finish up the patterns, but NEED the stuff on the list to start.

TO FINISH AN OLD UFO, that I happen to love, love, love...(so why haven't I finished it already???)

String tulips - I string pieced 20 tulips in 1989? - these need to be made into a quilt - you should SEE the old fabrics - truly something to behold! Anyway, this UFO needs a few things to be finished... light weight interfacing, background fabric (white?), sashing fabrics (light blue?), corner stone fabrics (a darker medium blue?). I don't want the sashing to overpower the actual tulips - so maybe light green with light pink - not sure yet!... and, maybe some greens if I decide to applique some leaves.


Novelty prints - cars, construction trucks - and now he wants a Thomas The Train quilt!


Buggy Barn books
Fiesta Wear Quilt pattern (at - click on one of the quilt pattern numbers at the bottom and it will bring up a list of all their patterns - scroll waaay down)


KN pink ribbon signature collection fabric to make 10" quilt blocks to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation - details can be found at - click on Shop KN and then select Paper Goods and Crafts - Deadline is May 1st for blocks - so just figure TAX DAY to mail your blocks and they should get there in time.


A super-sonic fast sewing machine! Ha, ha. But honestly, I would LOVE to have an industrial speed sewing machine! I will shop around - maybe I can get a used one somewhere...

So, that's my list. It doesn't seem too bad at all. I am staying focused on finishing what I have started and busting my stash! OK, I admit - I might end up throwing in a few co-ordinated fat quarter packs, but I really don't think that I need much more. I will make a NEW list once I complete the quilts on THIS list!!!

Actually, I have already started LIST 2, but I won't buy anything on it until I have LIST 1 checked off and those tops completed. Lists are a good thing for me!

What's on YOUR LIST???? (Like that ad - What's in yoooouuuur wallet?)! Inquiring minds want to know.

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Happy Valley Quilter said...

Well that's some shopping list! LOL!!! I really like your log cabin quilt...there's something so comforting about a traditional log cabin quilt...and simply adore your Fiddle Faddle quilt! I really liked that pattern when Bonnie first posted it. It's much like the spool quilt that I posted in January.

Inga Helene said...

I've been really busting my stash lately. I bought 16 Kaffe Fassett fabrics on sale (approx. 10$ pr. meter), silk, mostly Dupionis, a bunch of red and purple fabrics and some white on white. I plan to stock up on redwork- and bluework fabrics and I'm waiting for my friend to return from Hong Kong with (hopefully) some fabrics for me.

And on the wish list is a long arm machine..............


Linda_J said...

No list except for a piece to go some Oriental fabric but I'll shop vicariously though you. Good planning ahead for when you head back "this-a-way"

Vicky said...

Wow, what a list! You are definitely going on a power shopping trip!!

Love your log cabin! Really nice!

Finn said...

WOW..WOW..WOW...that is some shopping list!! I love it!! You are going to have one great time finding those things and then checking 'em off as you go! Very impressive on the organization inspire me! I make lists, but then I lose them..or misplace them, or the fabric fairies take them..but they are gone!

Love the pic of that young man in your life...he's quite the charmer..*VBS* Great log cabin also!

P.S. if there is anything about that Economy patch you want or need to know, just's in one of the Quilts,Quilts,Quilts book...might scan..I could try..*S*

Cathi said... mom is giving me a gift certificate for my birthday for an online shop...gonna have to post me a list when I come up with one, but it was fun reading yours!! You have been so productive this winter!!!