Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fickle Spring

Have you ever noticed how fickle the weather can be in Spring? The other day, I was really enjoying the feel of air on my gloveless hands - wow, such a treat! Then, yesterday it was cold again. The weather goes up and down, up and down! No wonder so many people get colds this time of year. A big difference in Austria as compared to the US - people always seem to wear scarfs! Although winter scarfs are still being worn, many people have now switched over to the silk scarfs (which are also very warm - my favorite skiing scarf) and the stores are full of the light weight summer scarfs. I like scarfs! They are an easy fashion update - a plain white shirt (long or short sleeved) can look blue, green, pink, purple, etc. - all depends on the color scarf you are wearing. And I really think that a scarf around your neck helps keep the spring colds away.

And the fickle Srping weather? Well, I took this photo in Germany the 1st week of April last year - we were staying in a country hotel and this was the view from the balcony when we checked in.... it was a beautiful, warm Spring day!

And this was the same view right after I finished unpacking! So, if you live in one of these environments, take care this spring and to help avoid a cold - wear a scarf. You will look oh so fashionable!

Even if the morning is sunny and warm, you never know when the weather will turn. Yup, Spring is fickle!


Finn said...

Hi Evelyn, great post! Yes, WI is having that kind of weather also. 62 degrees one day, 18" of snow the next!
What to do but hunker down and make quilts..*VBS*

Dawn said...

I always love your pictures! You know the weather has been exactly like that this year in Chicago! One day no coats, bright sun and warm - then next a snow storm, cold and gray!

cher said...

yes, Spring is fickle all right! I just found my favorite winter scraf left behind at a favorite eating place..hanging on their hook-nice to get it back!

Darcie said...

Your whole scarf idea intrigues me, Evelyn. I've never traveled outside of North scarves year 'round are an interesting thought. Perhaps I need to make some summery thread scarves for myself on my longarm. (Oh cool! Thread shopping, here I come!) Or that silk that's in my closet.... That would feel luxurious!

We have fierce winds and very grey skies today. Perfect for staying indoors to quilt or blog!

Jeanne said...

The two pictures are wonderful! Our weather here is soooo boring!
Jeanne :)