Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Busted Stash

These are my scraps left over from my winter of sewing. Believe it or not, all the fabrics in this photo fit into that tub - I just had to smoosh down the strips in the tub a little to put the bigger scraps on top.

And this photo shows my left over yardage, which will give me a good start when I come back to Austria next year.

Misc. 1/2 and 1 yard cuts over the right and front left. Geometrics, florals, plaids, stripes - yikes - just a general hodgepodge, which is why they didn't get used! Got to remember to bring back some fat quarters of each grouping so I can put them to good use next year.

The pile on the back left is 2 5 yard cuts of background, 1 3 yard cut of background, 4 yards of a nice hollyhock print (I was going to use this for the backing of Desperado, but have decided to go with a flannel backing instead) and 3 yards of the brown swirly print - I bought it for borders for my TATW, but it doesn't really match. Oh yeah, and 4 yards of that "lovely" black/green swirly fabric that I opened up especially for your viewing pleasure!Hummm, will have to ponder that over the summer so I can be sure to bring back something to make that fabric work with something - I am thinking maybe an Irish Chain so I can use up a big chunck of it in one shot (yup, it was an internet surprise purchase)! All of this fabric fit into the bottom drawer of my desk.

So, that's it. I will have to meaure up the tops I have made to report in yardage used.

In case you are wondering, the fabrics are on top of one of my heaters - just for the photo. You aren't supposed to put anything on your heater (when in use), but I will confess, it is a good spot to dry off your wet mittens. This one is in my bedroom and is really pretty - it has a marbel top. The one in the living room is not as fancy. The box "charges" with heat during the night (during low energy cost time) and holds the heat all day long, giving off a gradual heat throughout the day. They are really nice!


Linda_J said...

It all fits in that little bitty container? WOW. Pretty stuff and obviously well thought out when you purchase it.

JudyL said...

You've done great! You know what's going to happen? When you're back home, you're going to be wishing for a particular piece of fabric that you left there! :)

Judy L.

The Calico Cat said...

I have a radiator too - it is a good kitty heater!

Great job busting your stash - sounds like you are on your way back to Canada, eh?

Laurie Ann said...

Wow, you had a great stash busting winter! That's a small amount, you could probably always take it back to Canada with you? When do you return?