Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cars & Stars with 2 borders

Nope, no new and exciting quilt to post - I am chugging right along on finishing up some works in progress. This is Cars & Stars - with 2 borders and fabric for the final 3rd border is on my shopping list. And, this photo is proof positive that even with a 2.5 year old jumping on bias edges - they don't stretch as much as people think they do. This quilt is square, square, square! I didn't have to ease that green border - not even 1 milli-inch (I did a tiny bit of easing with the orange border, so was pleased that the green border fit exactly - I must have done something right!).

It is snowing like crazy here today and down to 1.5 C. As bad as that sounds - this is 100% better than the -7 C we had for most of last week! Last night when Little Boy and I went for our evening walk it was 4.5 C and that felt cold. We were only out for 45 minutes and came home sooo ready for some hot soup, so I am not sure how long we will last outside today! But, with our snowpants on, I am thinking that it might be long enough to make some snow angels in the park. I will have to remember these cold days when I am complaining of the heat in the summer - grin! But seriously, it has been a cold winter and I will be happy when it warms up enough to be outside for several hours at a time instead of in 1/2 hour increments!
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dot said...

This quilt looks really nice. Sounds like you and little boy know how to have a good time. Enjoy.

Vicky said...

What a really cute quilt! I think Little Boy just pounded those bias edges into submission!

The snow sounds so lovely. But that's coming from a person who lives in a place where it's green all the time! Enjoy your snow angels today!

Finn said...

Love the stars and cars..what a great color!! It looks awesome now that it's together with it's borders. You did do a great job of having it fit and not have to "wiggle" it...*VBS*

I've heard on the news that it was really a cold winter in Europe. We have been having just the opposite...strange.