Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Little Boy Logic

Little kids have their very own sense of what is logical. For example, it is perfectly logical for Monster Truck to think a mixing bowl full of chocolate cake batter is a wonderful mud pit. And isn't it great to see said monster truck make muddy tracks along the floor, up the walls, across the counter? Of course. Bye the way - this is a photo from AFTER I got that Monster Truck all bathed, scrapping out batter from each and every tread on all 4 wheels - and don't you know - he is right back on the counter looking for any last remnants of MUD that Momma hadn't swipped off the counter yet because I was too busy cleaning the floor!
And, Momma, don't drink out of your water bottle, ok? Ummm - why? Turns out there was a squished dead spider in the water bottle. Little Boy thought it perfectly logical to squish the spider and then put it in the water bottle to drown it. This coming from a child who was bitten by a spider last summer and his arm swelled up 3X in size and his skin turned all red and rubbery in a perfect circle radiating from that bite - all around his little body. Yes, I rushed him right over to the clinic thinking his breathing might be affected, but fortunately he was ok. But really, must we go messing around with squishing spiders?
And, there is a cricket in the batter bowl because he is hoping the cricket will sing him a song. Thanks for telling me before I go about using that bowl!
And, there is a trail of cookie crumbs along the floor to feed the friendly bugs. Friendly bugs? Do tell! Hey, didn't I just vacume that floor in the morning???
There is hand soap in his sippy cup. I am not exactly sure why, but I am absolutely positive that if I asked him - he would have his very own reason.
These are just the few things that come to the top of my mind from the past week. I guess what I am trying to say here - if you have Little Ones underfoot, always ask them their reasoning behind any questionable behaviour, because trust me, chances are they will have a perfectly logical reason and if you can find humor in the situation, you will be laughing about it for years. Believe me, I don't think I will EVER look at a mixing bowl full of chocolate cake batter the same way again! Mud pit indeed!


mary said...

AAH I fondly remember those days of little boy logic. He certainly has a busy mind and imagination. Cherish these days as he will be a teenager and then 28 years old in a flash.


loulee1 said...

LOL Wonderful! My boy is 15 now and those days are gone but reading your post reminded me of some of his antics. Like the day a whole grocery bag of veg magicked itself from the fridge to the guinea pig enclosure!

Laurie Ann said...

Ha ha!!! Sounds like a busy busy week for you!!

Susan said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your post! I loved the days when my boys were little and I asked their reasoning. One of the reasons teaching was so much fun, too.

You know what? Teens always have reasoning, too, but it's really different from reality. LOL!

Loved the mud bath! Drowning the squished spider sounds imminently practical to me. =)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Makes perfect sense to me...