Friday, September 14, 2007

Dollar Store Fun!

Often times, it is the most basic toys that will provide hours of entertainment. Here are some photos of Dollar Store fun - and I'm talking a true dollar store here where every item in the store is $1 (or less!).
We like to buy the 3 pack of glider airplanes - they come with a rubber band slingshot thing - here are photos of Little Boy and me shooting off the gliders (the photo collage feature chopped off the blurry glider in the photo, sorry!). And down bottom - the fun part of the entire toy - a big game of "chase" with Momma to see who gets to the fallen gliders first. Click on the photo collage to enlarge because you just got to see the pure joy on my son's face - he loves this game! 3 gliders for $1, how can you go wrong?
Another favorite is the noise tube. It is a plastic tube that makes a humming type noise when you swing it around. Little Boy loves to whirl it around and around. He is pretty good about making sure other people stand back for this demonstration and I prefer that he only play with this thing outside. That is an old lobster pot in the photo, in case you are wondering. The fishermen don't use this type anymore.
And, who can resist a green pail? If the tide is out Little Boy is happy to squat by the shore, with his pail very close by, and pick periwinkles. At high tide, it is perfect for carrying water and making sand castles/paramids/etc. And at home, well, he has tied one of those metal helium ballons to the handle and has made a hot air balloon for the ever-present Elmo and what ever other pal wants to go for a balloon ride! Multi-purpose pail!
Dollar Store Fun!


Gail said...

So true, its the low tech, inexpensive toys- especially when playing with someone special - that are the most fun. Love the look on little boy's face!

Jeanne said...

What fun you and Little Boy are having! And I love the chocolate mud. Looks like he's keeping you very busy these days!
How have you been feeling?

Darcie said...

He would like a pretty inventive Little Boy! The hot air balloon sounds like fun for Elmo. ;-)

Love the action pics of you and Little Boy together!

cher said...

isn't that the best? my granddaughter doesn't play with any of her toys at my house-we find things around that are just as much fun and really, the dog is the very best entertainment as far as she is concerned!

Leah S said...

I love it! Being frugal and having a boatload of fun while you do. :)

Laurie said...

Your Little Boy looks like the HAPPIEST boy!!! What a special bond the 2 of you share!

Sweet P said...

Dollar store toys are always the best. Little Boy sure knows how to enjoy them.

Your bargello quilt is pretty. I like your fabric selections.