Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Right Tool

Sometimes, the right tool makes all the difference... here is a photo of Little Boy, very happily beating an egg - never mind the fact that the cake we are making doesn't call for beaten eggs - as we are making a pound cake where you seperate the yolks from the whites, beat the whites to stiff peaks, fold into batter, etc. etc. That doesn't matter here - what matters is that Little Boy has a NEW tool, the right tool for him, to beat eggs. He has had his eyes on this beater for some time - at the hardware store. He would carry it around the store and show me how very easy it was to whirl. Oh yes, he absolutely needed this egg beater and finally, one day, I put it on the list before we left the house and told him - if it was still there that he could get it. The list thing works wonders because he fully understands the concept - well, almost always anyway. Lo and behold, the egg beater was still there - not surprising - I mean, who else would have their eyes on such a gadget? At the hardware store, nonetheless?
In case you are wondering - he stands on a large, upside down cooler to be at the right height to reach the counter. It is sturdy, not wobbly and just the right height. Oh - and see, he is wearing pants I made for him - I am getting creative in using the left-over fleece for decorative stripes.

Anyway, take a close look at the photo below - the egg beater on the left is his - mine is on the right. They look very similar, but see how his handle is off to the side instead of on top - easier for him to hold. Also, his is a little shorter than mine. These little differences make a huge difference for him. I guess he was right - he "needed" this egg beater. Just like Momma "needs" a certain knife, LOL!

And finally, a photo of our masterpiece - a hot buttered rum pound cake with walnuts on top. It is a great cake for a crowd because you can easily get about 18 slices out of it. Looks a bit boring, but believe me, the inside it a perfect light color - and it is rich and creamy - it has enough sourcream in there to guarantee that! After the cake cools for about 10 minutes you put it on the plate and poke it full of holes with a shish-ka-bob stick and then pour very hot glaze on top. It is an easy cake to change around depending what glaze you put on it - we also like to make it with an orange/lemon glaze. Yummy with pureed peaches and strawberries. Want to get really fancy - send your fresh fruit mixed with a bit of jam through the food processor and put it in one of those clear squirt bottles you can get at the Dollar Store (I think they are for ketchup/mustard), squirt your puree across the serving plate in a zig zaggy design, put a slice of cake, garnish with whipped cream, some fresh fruit and a mint leaf. Me, well, I like this cake just the way it is - with my morning cup of coffee!
Oh, and what did we do with that beaten egg? I made him a scrambled egg snack!
Yeah, ok, so we are a bit old fashioned - I still use an egg beater for SOME things - and you got to admit - it IS safer for him to use an egg beater than the food processor!!! Oh - but he is pretty good at that mixer thing - see? A bit blurry, but he is in constant motion. Here his is earlier this summer - helping me make a crepe batter for an apple dessert - the batter is actually in the blender thing on top, not in the mixing bowl! His job here is to be in control of the speed dial. Not that you need to make crepe batter in a blender, but this way he can help me. Yup, the right tool does make all the difference - keeps one Little Boy very busy anyway! And that, my friends, is part of my goal here!


The Calico Cat said...

I think deep down we are all "tool guys" Think abour Rotary cutters, now that I have tried the one that closes automatically - with an ergonomic handle - I might as well toss the others!

I had an egg beater - I broke it - it was not happy with my stiff batter. Maybe that is why it is called an egg beater, huh? That was before I could afford a mixer.

And a helper is better than a "pest."

& you should know better that to post a cake picture without a recipe.

Gail said...

Little boy looks like the next Iron Chef! And that kitchen looks like a commercial one- plenty of room for everything you could want.

Hedgehog said...

Any chance you'll post the recipe? Love the egg beater - I was really into them when I was his age, too. :)

Laurie Ann said...

Little Boy is right, egg beaters are great! I just used mine for scrambled eggs this Saturday. Whips up those eggs nice and fluffy!! Be sure Little Boy sees the video of Roogrr on my blog. I think he'll like it!

Laurie said...

that's such a neat story...you are a special mom!

Lindah said...

Ohhh, keep the coffee pot on--I'll be right over for a piece of that beautiful cake! :-)
You are a very creative mom. Sounds like you have the activity issue well in hand.

loulee1 said...

You and your boy make a great team, he knows that, and that is why he has to have the right tools, so he can be an equal partner in the team. You are a great inspiration to each other and I love to read about your adventures.

cher said...

yummy sounding/looking cake! love the commercial looking kitchen-and all the lovely tools..lucky little boy to be able to help you so much-a wonderful team!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

And we all know we'd be nowhere without the right tools! Good for little boy, he's on his way to many great successes in the future! Great post!