Monday, October 15, 2007

Anchor's Away!

My husband brought a huge anchor home this week... to go with his on-going nautical decorating theme... (right - I MUST remember to take a photo of the humpback whale skull skeleton that is out back and then there are an assortment of old lobster traps, giant lobster claws, smoked herring on sticks, various lighthouses.... well, you get the idea). I decided to make a remembrance quilt block of the occassion and got to work making this little quilt block (3.5" paper-pieced - I Googled (10 years ago - who ever would have thought that Googled would be a verb!!!) - paper pieced anchor quilt block and came up with this free pattern - also in 4" so I will have to give that a whirl). I might embroider the date on the anchor too. Isn't it cute?
It wasn't until AFTER I had the entire block pieced and then was looking at the actual anchor before I realized that the blue and yellow are reversed at the top - the top of the anchor is supposed to have a hole for the rope to go through. Oh well, Little Boy loves it just the way it is declaring excitedly - Momma, it matches the anchor in our yard. Yup, Sweetie Pie, it sure does. Gotta love your biggest quilt fan!

Oh - and Little Boy's wisdom of the day... Mom, if I mix my spit with apple juice, my spit turns into apple juice - isn't that neat? Ah, the excitement of discovery! And, when oh when did he ever start calling me Mom??? Almost always I am Momma, but I've noticed a Mom here and there lately.


Darcie said...

Oh...I think that perhaps the new title of Mom is Little Boy turning into Young Man? ;-)

Terrific pictures of you both by your new anchor! How cool! Very New England-ish!

Lucy said...

Ohh what a beautiful anchor!!