Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our apple trees

Our area has many old, tall, leggy apple trees (like the one in the top left photo). This time of year, since it is deer season, some people with these trees put out big containers of "deer apples" for $10. You can also buy deer apples at fruit stands. I've never seen "deer" apples for sale in the US, but I guess it is common practice in Canada! The apples from these tall trees aren't very tasty for eating, but, ah, well - the deer like them! We don't sell our apples, but there is an older man who comes every year, paper bag in hand and politely asks if he can collect some off the ground to feed "his" deer.


In addition to an assortment of tall, leggy apple trees, we have a goofy, little apple tree - the one pictured in the right photo. Every spring we think for sure it didn't survive the winter because it is the last tree to get leaves. But eventually it does leaf out and then in the fall - when the rest of the trees have long ago dropped their apples to the ground, this little apple tree is still full of small apples! That would be - small, tasty - very juicy and a bit tart apples!!! Yum! Most of the apples in this little tree are green, although some are tinged in red. It is a nice short tree so Little Boy is easily able to pick the lower apples all by himself, and let me tell you - he is a champion apple picker! This time of year - he eats lots of apples!
I've tried to figure out what kind of tree this is and the best I can come up with is that it is a crabapple variety. The undersides of the leaves and stem have the tell-tale white fur.


Our little job for today will be to pick the apples we can reach off the tree because finally, they are starting to drop to the ground. And maybe, just maybe - we might get around to making a little bit of apple butter with our very own apples this year.


And just for fun - a little photo collage of my Little Boy - almost always in constant motion! Please do notice that he is wearing shorts and sandals and it is almost November and yes, we are in Canada!!! The weather has been so nice - it has been a wonderful fall. Well, a few cold days here and there, but believe me, I have nothing to complain about weather wise. He is running in our YARD - as we have stuck to the beach and playing in the yard during hunting season - no long walks in the woods for us right now.


Shelina said...

What fun collages1 The apples sound great. We used to have an apple tree when I was young, but it didn't bear much fruit.

Susan said...

I love the pics of him running! He always looks so happy and healthy! Oh, apple butter, apple sauce, apple jelly! Yum, yum, yum!

cher said...

love the photos..we are big apple eaters too...I have to have an apple every day! right now our favorite is the Honey Crisp from WA

loulee1 said...

Yummy, I recall having 3 apple trees in the garden when I was young, one was cooking apples, they were very tart, another was a bit sweeter very crisp little fruits, just right for picking straight of the brances, the fruit of the last tree was very sweet and I'm sure I would have enjoyed it but the wasps always got there first.
Little boy looks as though he's having fun.

Jeanne said...

Mmmm, I can just about smell the sweet tangy aroma of apples -- great pictures!
Jeanne :)