Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hanging things up - my magnetic board

I don't have enough "fall" blocks to make a sampler, but I do have enough to put on my magnetic board to admire! Most are from swaps, but I made a few myself... and that Jack-0-latern is from an old Fons & Porter issue - I liked him so much I made two! The corn block is being held with an "E" magnet - in case you are wondering about that!
Someone (and I do apoligize for not remember WHO) in Bloggerland posted about her very nifty magnetic board last year. Well, I saw it and my heart did desire one, so I asked my handy DH to build me one... which after some time and prodding - he did! This is made out of sheet metal, backed with plywood and framed with narrow framing. It IS a bit heavy, but is very sturdily mounted. It fits in this wall space perfectly - got to love custom measurements! Cool, huh? I usually use it for photos (my favorites are now over on the right) and odds and ends, but it also makes a great spot to display blocks.
Maybe, just maybe - by next fall, I will have enough blocks to make a sampler of some sorts.


Laurie said...

very cool! thanks for sharing!

Darcie said...

Love that! I love the high-tech look that it gives...and then juxtaposed with the softness of the fabric is really quite appealing.

I had seen one of those decorating-on-a-budget TV programs once...and they had taken the same concept to re-face ugly kitchen cabinet doors. I've wanted to do that ever since in my kitchen...but because hubby's mother was the previous kitchen owner and decorator...we can't seem to change anything too drastically. Wonder when it will be *MY* kitchen?!?

Dawn said...

Hmmm, Now I never thought of a magnetic board either! Huh!

Anonymous said...

ooh nice. Autumn sampler is going to be great..some day. And I love the magnetic