Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Slow Progress... but still progress!

Very little in the way of "new" quilting going on around here. First off, Little Boy is very busy. 2nd) Summer and Fall are my busiest times of year, 3rd) it is NICE out and 4th) I just have a very hard time concentrating on anything lately, but perhaps that is a whole different blog post. No matter, life continues onward!
But, I am still plugging away on this top - part of Judy's May(?) challenge to use a piece from stash - my piece is the navy blue- so I am using the navy blue for sashing and now for the edges of the Flying Geese and then the final border. That should use up almost all of this fabric! An added bonus - I started with "left-over" blocks.
The Flying Geese units might be a bit large, but I like them (well, of course I like them - they are all made!)! Seriously though - do you think they are too large for the scale of the blocks? Because I do have enough fabric to make a smaller set and use these for something different. The only thing I am afraid of, if I decide to do that, is that I might lose all momentum on this top altogether and it won't ever get done! What do you think??? I might do a row going right and then a 2nd row going left - top and bottom... not sure exactly what the final layout will be. I am trying to get the quilt a little longer than it is wide. The center part is all sewn together - the Geese are still individual units so I can play around with them as I make them. I have the rest of the Geese 1/2 done so I am almost there.
The method is "no waste flying geese" - just google it and you will come to the link for the directions. Very easy and fast method. Darlene at Dazed Quilter posted something about it a ways back... I had never heard of this method before, had to take a look and now I am wondering what took me so long to try it out! Go ahead - cut a few squares and try for yourself!!!
The one other thing I've managed to get done is to cut all those fabrics I was working with into strips. It took a bit of time, some days I would just do a few and eventually it got done. Now, they are all neatly cut and in labeled totes just waiting.... told you my progress was slow!


Mama Koch said...

For being slow, you still get a lot more quilting/sewing done than me!
Will have to go look at the no-waste geese. I love how they add to a quilt.

Dawn said...

OOO - I love it! I love the fabrics you have in your flying geese. I think it will work - you just need more between the blocks and those - but a plain border maybe? I love them!

Hedgehog said...

Looking great! Don't think the geese are too big. In fact, I did a little no waste tutorial a while back. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Jeanne said...

I think the geese will work fine. Your remark about being distracted is a bit worrisome: are you OK?

Mary said...

I think smaller geese would look better. I hate to re-do things but I find if I'm questioning something and don't *listen* to myself I usually regret it.

Like Jeanne, I read your comment on being distracted and I hope things are OK.

Morah said...

I love the fabrics in your quilt. I really, really am a firm believer that you can ask opinions on pieces and parts of a quilt but when it comes down to it, you have to do what you like. If you like the geese, use them. The next quilter will think they are too big or small, the wrong color or the wrong idea for the border. It's yours and I say go for it....PLUS done is WAAAYY better then perfect!