Friday, October 26, 2007

Little Boy's new sleep sack!

Little Boy has slept in a sleep sack since he was an infant. In North America you can buy infant sleep sacks, but just very small sizes. In Austria sleep sacks are very popular for toddlers/pre-schoolers too... houses generally are not heated as warmly over there (especially at night!) and when the kids are zipped in their sacks - you know they are snuggy wuggy warm even if they do have a tendency to kick off the covers. The kids are so used to sleeping in them that they are made in winter and summer weight fabrics for wearing year round. Getting into the sack is part of our bedtime routine and no matter where we are - I always make sure we have at least 1 sack with us. Once he "sacked" he hardly ever gets out of bed.
Yes, Little Boy is very good at unzipping and getting out of it - but he often prefers to waddle around like a penguin when he first gets up... and since we often sit out on
the porch first thing in the morning when it is still a bit cool anyway that works out just fine, keeping his toes nice and toasty. Here is a photo of him (with the ever present Elmo) out on the porch in his old sack - you can see that his feet are right down to the bottom. Yup, time for a new sack. Bye the way - he absolutely loves his own little chair - just his size - for porch sitting.

I knew that Little Boy would be outgrowing his current sack before long and earlier this summer I found this super nice double sided quilted flannel so I bought enough for TWO sacks - I've never seen double sided FLANNEL (the other side is lavender) before and since my son loves all things soft - I bought enough fabric for two sacks - thinking ahead to the next sack - and a long zipper. I had to make bias binding because the size I bought was too narrow for the puffy fabric. The design is pretty simple - it is 1 piece of fabric with no side seams - the seam is up the center zipper. So, nice and flat. The bottom is squared like a paper bag so his feet have room. There are darts under the arms to make it fitted up top. And - I made his new sack with extra length - but not too long because I don't want him to be tripping as he walks around like a penguin, but he should at least get the winter out of this one! Sleep sacks in Europe can be very expensive... 60 Euros and up - so I was very happy to find this nice fabric and make one myself.
Here is a photo of my "serious" model.


*Got that done! Now onto making new PJ's, letting down the hems on his pants (see how much has grown since this spring! - smart Momma made these pants with big hems to let down), new fleece pants and new fall weight fleece mittens and maybe a few other odds and ends. He loves everything I make for him and I really enjoy sewing for him!


Darcie said...

Little Boy's sleep sack is quite cool...well...warm rather! I'd never heard of something like that. Wish we'd have had those when our children were small.

I wouldn't have any doubt in the world that you'd stitch some yourself! You're always so clever!

cher said...

it is so great that you are talented enough to make so much for Little Boy! and it's great that he enjoys all that you make him. sleep sacks are the best.

Dawn said...

Well how cool are those! I had no idea kids slept in those! He is such a cute model too!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Sleep sacks are so useful aren't they? When my DS was a baby we lived in South Africa - no heating at all ..... I made one with big buttons on the shoulders and it was nice to know that he would be snug as a bug.

Love Little Boy's kid sized chair!

Sweet P said...

A sleep sack looks wonderful. I wonder if an adult could use one. I get cold, DH gets hot. I could use a sleep sack for me.

Little Boy looks like he's enjoying his apple. Yummy!