Saturday, October 20, 2007

Doodling a doll

I used to make dolls... and lately I have been thinking about them. So today I sat down for a little bit to sketch. I start with tracing paper and do only 1/2 the body. On the partial sketch on the right you can see my marks to move the chest down and to shorten the upper arm - except on the 2nd sketch now I think the arm is too short - so I will re-consider. Not bad though considering I haven't even attempted to draw a doll in a few years!

I was happy enough with the 1st sketch that I went ahead and did a 2nd one - there was still work to be done - especially the 2nd hand and the position of the fan she is holding, but basically, a good start. After Little Boy went to bed I made a 3rd sketch - the photo is of the 1st and 3rd sketches.

Tracing paper works for me - I sketch in pencil and then use a Sharpie marker to mark in what I like. I can stack a few different layers on top of each other and see if I like different components together.

I would like to make her into a flat doll - think fancy paperdoll, but made out of fabric... eventually. I don't have any super stiff interfacing, for one thing, but maybe I will just go ahead and use some cardboard. And maybe someday I will fiddle around with her, making her more dimensional - in a larger size. Someday...
Oh, and yup - I am the high school art student that had to drop art because of a D average and it was dragging down my GPA.
P.S. - when I 1st wrote this post I decided to delete 1 photo and exchange it for another - but Blogger wouldn't upload the photo and I had already deleted the 1st. Good news though - this morning Blogger let me put a photo in the post. Phew!


Elaine Adair said...

Oh great - tease us with your mentioning sketches, dolls, and THEN, NO PHOTOS! Arghhhh - I am disappointed.

Sometimes I put the text in and save it, then go to another browser to get the photos in. Not sure why this works but it does. Mozilla Firefox NEVER lets me down, but Netscape (where my mail comes) frequently shuts' down.

Shirley said...

My son now calls me grannygrump and I have 5 grandkids crawling all over me. Now how did that happen. haha

Darcie said...

At first glance, I thought your sketches were redwork...which would actually be kind of a cool way to get her into fiber too, wouldn't it?!

I would bet that your Art teacher may have had issues of whatever sort...because you are a true artist in my book, Evelyn!