Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snow Fun!

Now, I know that most of you would consider a snow day the perfect sewing day. Not so in my household...

Yesterday's snowfall was perfect for sledding, light and fluffy! So, I asked DH to go to the hardware store and see if they had any sleds. He came home with this ski-do type sled that had to be put together and me, well I was very skeptical of the whole thing. I mean, I grew up with those blue plastic sheet sleds that you could roll up and the red boat sleds. But, once put together it turned out to be perfect, as the photos of happy Little Boy's face can vouch for! You can click the photo collage to enlarge. What a thrill to watch him having so much fun!

We spent a few hours outside yesterday going up and down the hill, up and down and up and down again! Getting a "steering" sled was really the perfect thing because if you can see on the bottom photo - our sliding hill has a narrow part up top that he has to steer though (trees on one side and a pile of dirt/rocks on the other from our foundation project this past fall). Once he passes the narrow part he then has a wide part to do some swooping S curves. Then - quick - at the bottom - which by this point has leveled off some so he isn't going to fast - he has to turn to the left to avoid going over the enbankment that goes down to the road. He is doing GREAT! We are expecting more snow today and DH is going to take the tractor and make a barrier out of snow at the bottom of the hill just in case Little Boy misses that last turn - I don't want him flying out onto the road. I have my fingers crossed that the snow doesn't turn to rain, as predicted because a little someone would be very disappointed.


Kathie said...

He sure looks like he is having a lot of fun!
I hope it snowed again too...I

Laurie said...

what fun!!! i remember going sledding with our kids...the joy on their faces is priceless!

Susan said...

You can really tell by looking at his face what a wonderful time he is having - such good exercise. I need that hill. LOL!

My boys had the round red toboggans - at least the older one did. The younger one didn't grow up anywhere near snow. There was a wonderful sledding hill behind the school - which was supposed to be off limits - ha, ha!

We had just one perfect snow - the roads were closed because the plows were all busy trying to keep the main highway open. We went up and down the street, up and down the hill - just great memories.

I hope you had more snow, and can make more memories!

Elaine Adair said...

Please, please please let me come and play with that child!!!!

Kim said...

How sweet- cherish these days. Next thing you know he'll be doing snow boarding tricks on the mountains. I love the orange bear in previous post too :)

Dawn said...

Oh look at the happiness and fun he is having! Oh those are wonderful pictures! Actually I think I would like a bigger version of that sled for me!