Sunday, December 23, 2007

Missing Puzzle Pieces

Hummm, I think there are a few pieces missing. Actually, I knew that chances were very good before I even started on this one that there would be missing pieces - the old owners of this place left a bunch of puzzles on the shelf. Abondended and left behind puzzles are usually the first clue. The big mystery that I love to solve is.... how many pieces are missing?
While it seems that most everyone else is busily trying to finish last minute Christmas stuff, we are in low gear, very low gear around here! Blissfully so.
But, back to old puzzles. I enjoy piecing old puzzles. DH could not believe that I would continue onward after I was able to figure out that 3 outside edge pieces and that red boat piece was missing for sure. I knew that pieces were missing, so why continue? Ah, but how many pieces are missing? I just have to know! As you can see - there were several more pieces missing.
One thing that we used to do a fair bit when I was little was go to these great New England auctions. Loved, loved, loved going to these things and sometimes my parents would bid on a "lot" of items and the odd puzzle or two was bound to be included in the lot. So, I am used to piecing puzzles with missing pieces! It doesn't bother me one bit. After I finish the puzzle I write on the outside of the box how many pieces are missing - just in case missing puzzle pieces bothers the next person who comes along. And me? The mystery is solved. I'm happy.


joyce said...

When my DH's family did puzzles everyone wanted to put in the last piece so usually everyone had a piece in their pocket. There was often a wrestling match to see who could force the other one to put in their piece first. Maybe a puzzle with missing pieces would have been the answer.

Dawn said...

Merry Christmas Evelyn! Ahhh, yeah my family did the same thing as Joyce's!

andsewitis Holly said...

Our dog or cats were usually the culprits of missing puzzle pieces. What I do is trace the missing spots and make new pieces out of cardboard. Paint or color according to the picture (or leave blank) and there you have a complete puzzle again. That's what I found most fun about puzzles :)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

Susan said...

It's a great puzzle - who cares if a few pieces are missing? It doesn't look like it was too easy, either. I like puzzles and I don't care if pieces are missing.

We don't get to work on any in here, no room, but most of the RV parks with a community center have a puzzle table and people sit and work for a while, or walk by and work in a piece or two.

Glad you are having a low-key day!

floribunda said...

I'm a big puzzle fan, too (I wonder if that's common for quilters?) and I love doing "used" puzzles that I find in vacation cabins and garage sales. Who cares about a few holes?

Karen said...

Oh boy, I would have loved to go to those auctions. That's my very very favorite thing.

Merry Christmas Evelyn!

Tom said...

I'd never really thought of looking at puzzles with missing pieces that way, that's a good point. I really love going to those new england auctions, it's always so much fun to discover those things!