Sunday, February 27, 2011

Garden Dreaming on a Snowy Day

Just a cold, snowy day here.  That wet kind of snow that goes from snow to rain to snow and the dampness just creeps into your bones.  What better to do than to visit with a sister and dream over garden catalogs and books.  Henry Fields and Gardens Alive is what we had today.  Better Homes & Gardens Complete Guide to Gardening is a great resource!  It tells you things the seed catalog doesn't (I wanted to know how far apart to plant raspberry bushes). My sister loves Baker's Dozen and has several of these books.  And - a new favorite of mine - her copy of Birdscaping Your Garden.  A fascinating read about what to plant to attract birds.  Love this book!  And will be taking some of the suggested plants into consideration this spring.

The dogs played on the floor (Sadie is the Labrador Retriever, Sophie is the Miniature Australian Shepherd.  Despite the awful weather we still brought them out for a walk.

My sister made an amazing Sky High Apple Pie.  I knit on my socks but didn't take a photo.  When they are finished I will post about them.

Last night my truck hit 70,000 miles.  I have had it for almost 6 years now and bought it used.  Still looks and runs like new!  Got to love working from home and NOT having a commute!  I really like it - a Chevy Silverado 4X4 and has never given me a bit of trouble other than normal maintenance issues.  I pay attention to when the oil needs to be changed.  And - I did put 4 new tires on this month so I should be good for another 65,000 miles!  The thing that gets me - everytime I bring it in for service the dealership trys to sell me a NEW truck. Ummm, no thanks - mine is practically new!  Well - just take one for a test drive, they urge me.  No!  That just drives me nuts!

But speaking of driving around -has anyone ever seen one of these road signs?  I have NO IDEA what it means!  Maybe I should just print this out and bring it into the police station and ask them - do you think that they will know?

My niece slept over this week.  She has a little dog (a Chihuahua) named Hope who goes wherever she does.  So when bags were started to get packed up and placed near the door - Hope jumped right into a bag (she already has her sweater on to go outside).  She is such a character!

We got these flowers over 2 weeks ago for a birthday celebration.  They are in a cold bay window and still look fresh and vibrant.

And here is a parting shot of beautiful Cape Cod in the winter.  


Mary said...

It was snowing when we left Minneapolis today too but for the next few days, we'll be enjoying beach weather! I also worked some on my socks....still a ways to go on this pair.

paula, the quilter said...

I have that book (Complete Guide to Gardening). You are correct about it being a very good resource. We are enjoying spring-like temps for the next few days. I will probably see a lot of short and t-shirted people pass in front of the window at work tomorrow.