Sunday, February 06, 2011

Pom-Pom Scarf

I bought a skein of Red Heart's new Pomp-a-doodle yarn on a whim.  The pattern for this scarf was on the inside of the label and 1 night of knitting away - I have a cute scarf to add to my Christmas gift collection.  The way the yarn is constructed, there is enough string to knit 2 stitches and then there is a pom pom that you have to gently tug through the stitch.  It all lines up nicely except the cast on/cast off edge (which doesn't look badly - it just doesn't line up perfectly).

You can buy the yarn at Amazon using this link:  
Buy Pom Pom Yarn Here!

I used 1 skein for this scarf.
This color is called Berries and Cream.  It is so soft, knits up quickly and is fun to make and wear!  If you are looking for a fast present to make, this project fits the bill!

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