Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sophie's Dog Car Seat

Poor Sophie - so little and slippery leather seats in the car.  She slides all over the place and sometimes will even fall off the seat.  Time for a ride?  She would shake and quiver and not be happy at all.  Well, my sister found this (huge) dog car seat and stuck it in her back seat.  Now Sophie can sit up to see outside the window and has a nice slip-resistant spot to ride - plus it is very cushy.  In this photo it is not strapped in the correct way - this ride was just a quick test drive to see if she would actually stay in the thing.  Well guess what?  She likes it!  After a bit she figured out she wasn't going to be sliding all over the place and she settled down.  She likes looking out the window.  And then she went to sleep.  Success!  I thought it was a funny purchase but it didn't take long to convince me otherwise.  
Sophie's last photo seems to get alot of blog traffic.  My sister has always had full sized Australian Shepherds.  Sophie is a Miniature Australian Shepherd.  She is a real sweetheart.  I have been to dog training with her and she is ever so smart and eager to please.  But don't let her small size fool you - she is happiest with alot of exercise!  She is also never alone - she goes to work with my sister.  You can read about the breed here.

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dot said...

We have had two Aussies and they are great dogs.

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