Friday, February 04, 2011

My Sunny Lanes Quilt

The other night one of my sisters & I had a sewing night.  I brought my tote of projects and finally decided that I would work on "Sunny Lanes".  I made these blocks up last year just piecing different width strips together into long rows, cutting each row into 4 squares and then sewing them into blocks.  So now I have the blocks pinned together - ready to sew into rows.  Progress is progress I guess, even if it is slow going.  Now I have to gather up my sewing stuff - my machine is at one sister's house and the cords are here.  But I do think that sometime this week I will get it sewn together and it will then be ready for borders.
This photo shows the colors a little bit better.
My sister made up this top for another sister.  She is an excellent seamstress, has a serger and can make just about anything in snap.  She also made this little red stripped shirt which she gave to me for my son.
She has an entire roll of this fabric.  I am going to make matching shorts next week during our sewing night date and then he will have a nice pair of summer PJ's.
She also was working on a small doll dress.  The ruffler attachment on her sewing machine made quick work of gathering the fabric.  And, I reviewed another quilting project to see where I left off.  Hummm.  Figured that all out and took better notes and repackaged the project so next time I will have a better idea of where I left off.  Oh the math of quilting.
That big pink bag there is my knitting bag.  So I had more projects to  pick from, but since she has such a nice big space to spread out all over - the sewing took center stage.  But the knitting bag made an appearance last night while I was watching a bit of TV.
Anyway, I think Sunny Lanes is a nice, cheery Spring type of quilt.


Mary said...

Very sunny! I'm planning a rail fence this year that uses strings. I like the look of the different size rails.

I've also had my knitting out the last few days working a little on my socks.

paula, the quilter said...

I like the name "Sunny Lanes". It evokes visuals of walking down the center of a sunny dirt lane in the summer.

I've been working on stash busting the yarn stash by knitting for donations.

Hedgehog said...

Love that sunshine! We need some around here!