Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Do You Love Rhubarb?

Do you love rhubarb?  I have one BIG rhubarb plant - you can chop and chop rhubarb off of it clear until October!  This plant is the plant that almost wasn't - you see... the patio got topped with concrete.  Fortunately, DH knew I liked this plant and had the crew concrete AROUND it!  Actually - this works great - the concrete keeps the rhubarb warm and I think that is why it produces into the fall.  These stalks got a little big before I got around the chopping... but don't worry!  They will be made into rhubarb punch!  It is a very popular drink around here.

This all got chopped, sealed and put into the deep freeze for punch later this summer.
Now is a great time of year to put up strawberry/rhubarb jam or pie filling.  Can your own... or buy it ready made here!  My Dad likes his stewed and served over icecream.  
If you are going to can your own, please consider purchasing your canning supplies through my Amazon links over on the right hand side-bar.  Out of curiosity I was searching on Amazon for rhubarb-y type things and found a rhubarb/pear candle and rhubarb soap.  In my family, we are big on food gift-giving.  I am thinking of making little gift baskets this year with some homemade jam, plus other items with the same theme.  Right now I am just too busy to be canning, but I am freezing things and some quiet day, I will can up a bunch!
 Last week at quilt group, one of the members brought in the most delicious rhubarb muffins!  Yum.  The group is working on another community fund-raiser quilt.  Obviously, not everyone can quilt at the same time so I bring my little knitting bag, knit and visit!  The frame starts out very big and rolls inward on both sides as the quilt is quilted - as you can see - it is almost entirely quilted now!

And a random photo I took yesterday when I was travelling.  I loved this tractor!  

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