Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Large Print Quilt - Disappearing Nine Patch!

Disappearing 9 patch on a double bed with pillow tuck.  That bottom edge was slightly off so I eased the fabric in to get the top to square up - once I spray it with water those little puckers will disappear.  You really want to rein your borders in so you don't have an uneven quilt.  
On the floor - ignore the wrinkles!
And a close-up of the fabrics!
I made the top in 2010, but just bought the border/binding fabrics for it this spring.  The binding is the same light purple as the inner fabric.  My original blog post, including how I did it can be found here... way back in 2010!
It feels good to have this one ready for quilting.  As you can see by the photo - it is not quite big enough for a double bed because the overhang would be too short, but it is the perfect size for a couch snuggle quilt and long enough to cover your feet.  I am actually thinking of backing this one in minke, but I am not entirely sure!  Has anyone else tried that?  And how did it work out for you?

I heard on the radio today that we are 6 months away to Christmas!  So, in that spirit - here are some links to ornament kits!  I like to put little Christmas ornaments or something on the outside of my presents as part of the tag.  When I was little, one of my sister's did the most amazing wrapping jobs - I loved the little pressies on the outside of the gift I think as much as I liked the gift itself.  Anyway, I like these kits a lot - kits are so convenient because everything you need is usually in the package.  I think these would make a fun, little summer project.  Yup, I just might have to order a kit myself... you know... as a reward for finishing my Disappearing 9 Patch!

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dot said...

nice quilt. Looks good on the bed. I know borders can get unruly at times. Keep up the good work.