Sunday, June 23, 2013

Small Projects

I love to knit socks, but lately I have been gravitating toward projects on bigger needles - easy patterns that knit up quickly.  Here is a photo of a scarf in progress on size 10 US (6mm).  I am getting an early start on Christmas presents.  And - you will see that I was way too eager to dive into this project and did not bother to make the yarn into a ball.  So far so good, but I am hoping it doesn't become an issue!
I don't know why, but my feet hurt almost all the time.  Whenever I sit down, I put them up.  Knitting is a nice project for having your feet up!
Lately, during the day if I have a slow bit of time, I tackle small projects.  Even little improvements here and there do add up.  This week I have been working on oiling all my teak chairs.  I have two wonderful benches that are so very comfortable!  I think I have had them for maybe 12 years now.  After time they start to weather and gray and then I oil them with teak oil and they return to looking brand new!  I love these benches because they are perfect for setting down my knitting bag to one side of me.  I also have a bunch of single chairs.  So far, I have done 2 benches and 1 chair this week.  Here are photos of the progress - you can see in the 2nd photo that I still have to do in between all those slats.  I use a sponge paintbrush thing that you get at the hardware store to do these.
These chairs fold up for easy winter storage too!  The bench on the left has 1 coat of oil on it so far and the one on the right has none - I know it is hard to see the difference in the photo!  I figure another 2 coats of oil will do the trick - the chairs soaked up the first coat right away.  
And a photo of one of my beautiful flowers!  I can sit on my bench and enjoy the flowers!  And knit.  Yeah me!

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