Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garden Presents

A couple of weeks ago, I came home and found these tomato plants outside my door.  I love "garden presents" season!
Shortly after - THIS amazing home-made (out of fencing) tomato cage followed!  I think it is taller than me.  It really is 2 cages - I have to cut it apart in the middle.
BUT - it has been cold - down to 50F/10C just about every night and not much warmer during the day.  And rain - my goodness!  We had so much rain the past few days it was coming down in sheets.  Those little plants have been doing the inside/outside/inside routine.  Today, I finally got them planted and situated against the back patio wall.  They will get full sun there all day and hopefully will be out of the wind.  
I just love the generosity of other gardeners.  Well, I am not a gardener, but I try!  And... I get a little help here and there along the way!  Now... if we could just convince the sun to come out and warm us up a bit - I just might have a fighting chance at having fresh tomatoes this summer!

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