Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Darning Socks

I have 2 pairs of hand knit socks that I thought needed to be darned since the heels are wearing out.  At least, I was thinking of darning them, but all my friends around here tell me that darned socks are uncomfortable.  They would rather just chop the worn part of the sock off and reknit a new foot.  Really!  Here is a pair that one of my friends is working on - the heel is being reknit with wool in addition to a very fine white yarn with acrylic in it to give it extra strength.  When she finishes the heel, she will switch just to the wool for the remainder of the foot.
I blogged about refooting a sock in this post way back in 2010!  The red sock in the photo from that post - I did make my own version of it in blue and gray and I blogged about making that sock in this blog post.  I gave that pair of socks to my DH because he has wider feet than me and I thought they were a tad bit too wide for me.
So, here is my question to you - would you rather darn a sock or refoot it?  Or maybe I should ask - have ever even heard of refooting a sock in the first place?
Since I took this photo - my friend has finished refooting this pair of socks.  Sometimes my friends look at my funny when I jump up and grab my camera to take a photo of something they are working on that they think is very mundane, but that I find interesting!


Paula, the quilter said...

I've been running a series of posts about heels and I love the ones that you can rip out when they wear thin and then reknit. The afterthought heel and the current one (that hasn't been blogged) of the garter stitch short row heel.

dot said...

I have that book. I found it at Goodwill for 2.99. You might keep an eye out for that. I have not had trouble with my knit socks and wearing out but than again I don't wear them constantly and mostly around the house with out shoes on. My knit slippers I wear holes in the bottoms and just throw away and make a new pair.