Sunday, February 03, 2008

Stashbusting Sunday Report

Grandmother's Choice - currently measuring 85X66.5" I have a beautiful bed with curved headboard and footboard - so I like to make my quilts to fit across the opposite way most people do. A pillowtuck simply does not work for me because - well, I usually have 6 pillows on the bed (removed for the photo!). And - I don't want to jam the quilt down into the footboard - which would likely cause permanent wrinkles. Many of the quilts my Nana and Great Aunt (on my Dad's side) made had the bottom 2 corners cut out to fit the 4 poster beds - and they were all that funny 3/4 bed size that they don't make anymore. That is the great thing about making your own quilts - you can make them to suit yourself as you go. Well, in anycase - this is what Grandmother's Choice currently looks like on the bed - technically it could be finished at this point. Except I want it to go a bit further up under the pillows (in the photo you can see the top of my Bars quilt - that row of squares running along the top - NOT part of Grandmother's Choice quilt). And, I have plenty of that blue fabric still left - so I might as well go ahead and make 2 more rows of flying geese to run along the top and bottom. I think it will look interesting because of how I already added 2 rows of flying geese then the borders all around and then there will be 2 more rows of flying geese. Maybe this photo will better show what I am talking about... Then again, I might just add a row of triangles or something. But, I do have to say - I really LOVE how the flying geese run along the length of the bed drop on this.
And - nope! My geese do not perfectly end at the end of the row - I just added a bit of matching blue and called it good. I am not going to spend hours agonizing over math when a little snip of matching fabric does just as nicely. You don't even notice when you look at the quilt top as a whole.

But lookie here - what do I see? A box filled with NEW to me fabrics!!!!
Susan over at Desert Sky mailed me this goodie package! Look at all these lovely - and a big variety - of fabrics. Lots of batiks, which I have maybe only 1 or 2 so it will be fun to play with these, dark country colors -which I tend to use alot, some fun novelties - just wait until Little Boy sees those! The timing on this box was especially nice because I had hoped to get some fabrics at Marden's this past trip - and drove right on by in order to beat an approaching storm home. I hardly EVER get to a fabric store so you can imagine how much I really wanted to stop. But - better safe than sorry. Except - I am not sorry at all because in the end I do have NEW fabrics, yippee! Thank you Susan!!!!


Kim said...

What a nice quilt you're making and the box of fabric looks great :)

loulee1 said...

Wow, great new fabrics, what a sweet friend to do that for you.
Your quilt top is looking good, looking forward to seeing your next stage.

Elaine Adair said...

This is a lovely pattern - can be used many ways for different effects. Very pretty, and so is that lovely bed.

But, even better is the PRESENT! What fun.

Laurie said...

those are yummy...batiks are my favorite and i find it difficult to cut into them!

Kathie said...

I love this this quilt and love the idea of laying the quilt this way.
Now that we have a sleigh style bed this is the answer to not squishing it in at the bottom!
I love your answer to the flying geese math!
I do the same thing!
great fabrics in this quilt and the red such a great color red.

Susan said...

I love the quilt, and the flying geese sides. I think flying geese added top and bottom now would be really interesting, and I love the little spacer piece you added. That's just what I would do, too.

Those fabrics look pretty neat laid out that way! =)