Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ship bones trip

A winter storm washed these ship bones up on a beach on Cape Cod. JUST so happens that Little Boy and I were close enough to go take a detour for a look-see for ourselves. Isn't the beach beautiful? These are believed to be the remains of a late 1800's schooner turned coal barge and probably sank sometime in the 1920's. It was fun to see the wooden pegs - which do have a technically correct name - just can't think of it off the top of my head. Now if a winter storm would just very kindly wash up a pirate treasure chest while I am in the area - that would be even more exciting, but I will settle for these ship bones for now.
Yes, Little Boy and I got off for our winter visiting trip, but it was cut way short. 14 hours of travel to get there (that involves a hotel each way) and we ended up spending only 3 days. Still, it was great to see my Dad and 2 of my sister's and Little Boy had fun playing with one of his cousins. I had a bit of 'biz to take care of as well. But, alas, the weather forecast started predicting bad weather so I quickly packed up and we hopped into our truck and zoomed off in the night hoping to beat the storm, which we did. Anyway, I was just as happy to come home. I've turned into a real home-body somehow this last year! No sooner do we arrive safely at home and within about 10 minutes big icy pellets started to fall from the sky.
We stopped at a Motel 6 this trip and it was only $40 - free coffee in the lobby in the morning too. Wow! I had hoped for a nice hot shower after Little Boy was sleeping, but no hairdryer in the room. Now, I had one in the truck but I won't leave him by himself so... no shower. No clocks in the room either. But - hey, for $40 - we will definately be staying there again and I will just bring in my own hairdryer and travel clock. The very best thing - my favorite type of hotel where you have to enter through a lobby instead of outside doors. Neat and clean too.
My travel tips? I often travel long distances with just my little son. I always keep at least $100 in my shoe. If I lose my purse we still have gas money not to be stranded. Now, if I am further from home, then I just put money in both shoes! Just remember it is there when you take your shoes off at night - wouldn't want to accidentally kick it out!!! I also usually wear a t-shirt with a zipper fleece jacket - these jackets have zippered pockets. I zip a bit of money in one of those pockets too. BUT- I also zip in my spare key. If I ever lock my keys in the truck - I have the spare in my jacket pocket. In the summer when it is hot I clip the spare key onto my pants belt loop, but in the winter - the fleece jacket doesn't come off. Once my son locked himself in the truck before he was old enough to figure out how to UNlock the door - so the spare key came in very handy that day! Oh - and I avoid sugary foods, trying to snack on healthy food that will give me energy and no sugar high/crash. Very important when you are driving!!! Of course, we don't go anywhere without our big insulated cooler bag packed with good eats.
Shopping wise - we stopped at Kohl's on the way there. I got Little Boy pants for cheaper than I could make them, plus I picked up a dress for myself for $5 for our June party. I know, I know - a long ways off, but it was a summer dress and marked way down AND I already have sandles that will match. Ha! It is all about the shoes, you know? And I hate buying shoes. And Little Boy got a set of airplanes to keep him entertained during the trip, which they did and he is still loving them.
I made it to my favorite yarn shop and got some yarn to knit a little bargello style jacket. I love this shop because the lady even knitted up a swatch for me to check the guage - can't beat that! And, Little Boy picked out 2 skeins of yarn for socks, ummm for me to knit for him - his faith in my is never-ending! My yarn order from Knitpicks was in the mail too - for a scarf. So knitting wise - I am all set for awhile!
On the way back we stopped at Wal-Mart and I got my much needed thread - not my favorite, but Coats & Clark will do in a pinch. Plus - the fusable interfacing I need for the bistro apron. And a new leave-in hair conditioner. Little Boy got a new movie, new (bigger) sippy cups, a bath toy and a new booster seat for the car.
That's it. We were in a rush to beat the storm - I drove right on by Marden's (whaaaa!!!). And we never went to Joanne's. My fabric shopping list will keep for the next trip though - best to be safely home than shopping. NOT that I am without new fabrics - Susan (of Dessert Sky fame) had posted me a box of fabrics which I picked up this trip and did not open until I got home. How fun!!!
So, today I am home and being very lazy. Photos to come later, I promise - after I rest a bit.


Joyce said...

A flying trip is better than no trip but that was a lot of driving for a short visit.

Laurie said...

Welcome home Evelyn! I am glad you made it home safely! It sounds like an awesome trip!
love your tip on the cash...once i left for Chicago and thought I had my purse but I grabbed something else that was black leather. Luckily, I had a $50 bill in my car so I could get enough gas to get me there...AND fortunately for me, my son had money and gave me $200 to get back home and to pay for the hotel! WHEW...

Elaine Adair said...

Those ship bones are amazing! To think they just wasted up after so many years under the sea. You just don't know what tomorrow might bring.

Susan said...

Your travel tips are great. Thanks for sharing the "bones" pictures. What an interesting thing to see! I'll be hoping for the pirate treasure for you. =)

Jeanne said...

I'm always in awe of the driving you do!
Jeanne :)