Friday, February 08, 2008

50 book limit and other doings

We go to the library at least once a week - usually on Wednesday night. It is a nice little library and we enjoy it! They have a 50 book limit - and believe it or not, Little Boy and I hit the limit this week! He likes to keep back his favorites for an extra week - kids enjoy having the same story read to them... over and over and over and over again. So we usually hold back maybe 10. There is an entire collection of Clifford books and usually 5 will come home with us. Then there is the collection of Tonka truck books. An assortment of picture/story books. The non-fiction section comes next and this week the selections were monster trucks, motorcross bikes a WWI pictorial, a book about how the Canadian flag came into being and a biography on Benjamin Franklin. His interests vary widely from dinasaurs, the solar system, battleships, the Titantic, submarines, gardening, insects, etc. Next - the chapter books. His very favorite are the Magic Schoolbus and Scooby Doo (oh my poor voice - I will only read 3 chapters max at a time!). And then Momma usually has about 5 books too. Plus 1 video. So, 50 isn't a hard number for us to hit. ALL of my son's library books have to go in that little pink basket next to the couch - so far, we have not lost 1 book! When we are done with a book it goes into a pink bag (our library bag) in the closet - to be returned next trip. I usually read him 3 shorter books every night just before bed. The simple, entertaining books. The other books are read/looked at during different times of the day when he isn't tired.

Here are 2 fun photos from an entire week of making paper airplanes - instructions from a library book!!! I gave the book to DH with a pile of paper and set him to work, LOL!!! After the planes were sufficiently "test flighted" they were then decorated with crayons, markers and stickers. The simpliest toys are usually the most entertaining. He is wearing a NEW pair of PJ's that I made for him. I don't always get a chance to blog about all the other little sewing projects I do on the side - but I am usually making clothes here and there - behind the scenes! Little Boy will only wear PJ's that I make for him and right after Christmas he started tugging on his sleeves - getting too short. So, here is 1 pair the next size up and I still have to make the 2nd pair - he gets 2 pairs at a time. And, YES, I did make those pant legs nice and long!

Here is a photo collage of some of our activities this week. Painting is always a favorite past-time - and you know those old desk calendars - the backs make GREAT painting paper! He is wearing a $3 from the "dollar store" - the adult size makes a perfect art smock. Bella the bear - I made her before my son was born and several months ago he had me take her down from her high shelf perch and has been loving her ever since. I figured that since he is dragging her everywhere it was high time I embroidered her nose on over the nose template. I got it 1/2 done and poor Little Boy was beside himself because that just isn't the way Bella is supposed to look. OK. So - I have to take off the embroidery and re-glue the edges of her nose template - he loves her just the way she is! My heart blocks progress - got all the big bottom squares - which become triangles when you trim them sewn on and all the little ones (on 1 side) positioned. And the box? Well - don't you all know that a BOX is a very favorite toy. This is the box that Little Boy's new booster seat for the car came in - and he has been having the best time playing hide-and-go seek in it! He and DH have a rousing game of some sort that involves that box too. A funny thing about that seat - he insisted that we get the pink one with flowers because it is soooo beautiful and don't I know he loves flowers? He was soooo excited because it was the ONLY pink seat with flowers. I sure hope he still likes that seat in another few years, LOL!!!
And just because I couldn't resist a fun little collage of what we do when the weather is just too cold outside and I am plum out of ideas for entertaining my son. Nothing a LITTLE bit of Spic & Span won't cure. What child doesn't love to play in water? Ummm - his bucket has maybe 1 TBS of S&S while mine is the full dose! And, we have nice clean walls for all our efforts. Now - a bit of warning about wall washing and kids - I don't recommend you let them wash the walls where you have carpeted floors! And - watch out that they don't decide to "wash" your laptop while they are at it - close call in that department in my household! He is wearing those terry sport bands - they keep the water from running down your arm when you have your hands up over your head. Ingenious, huh? TOLD you that I like to clean!!!


JudyL said...

You're such a great mom! His interest in reading and books is fantastic! We used to read to Chad a lot and he loves to read still. Would you send your little cleaner to my house? I could use some help!

Laurie said...

You and Little Boy have so much fun together! I just love the Clifford books...they are just so fun! And the Valentine's are super! Your posts always make me smile!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Fantastic post, Evelyn! Your super duper little S&S helper is adorable. I need my walls washed down, too! My children loved our weekly trips to the library, what wonderful memories you're making... Clifford is timeless, he was a favorite thirty years ago with my daughter. Enjoy!

Susan said...

Oh, look here! Ten of my favorite books, and maybe Little Boy will like them, too:

Also, I just read at Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago two books that I thought any child would enjoy. Duck Soup was one and . . . Duck at the Door, I think it was. Jackie Urbanovic is the author.

When we finally go through the stuff in storage, whatever age Little Boy is, I'll send him some books. I have bazillions, up through about 6th grade!