Monday, October 13, 2008

Easy as Pie!

Making a pie is easy. Really! Making 2 pies at the same time is even easier - I mean you already have out all the stuff for making pie, so why not make 2? I like to make pie. This morning I posted my favorite pie crust and summer pie recipes over on my cooking blog at
Making cookies - well that is a whole 'nother story! Especially rolled cookies. Unless your name is Martha Stewart, I suggest you forget all about making beautiful, perfectly decorated cookies. That really isn't the point. The point is to entertain your small children while they make cookies that they are ever so proud of and dearly love to eat. If you want perfect cookies - do yourself a favor and go buy some at the bakery!
So - here is a photo of our finished results. We used canned frosting that we put some food coloring in. Let me tell you - these cookies are tasty! Anytime he sees some kind of fancy-smanshy magazine cover with beautiful "art food" and asks if we can make that? - I tell him - we can certainly make that recipe - it just won't look the same. We both accept the limitations of Momma's art food abilities and have a good time in the kitchen anyway.

We don't make rolled cookies often. They are very time consuming - much faster to make pie. Faster still is our favorite snack bread - apple/banana loaf.
Mmmm. This bread is extra yummy. I love it with butter. I love it with cream cheese. I love it with cream cheese mixed with honey. I also posted this recipe over on my cooking blog today. I've been making at least 1 loaf a week. Up until this week I didn't have any apples so was making it with 2 bananas instead of bannana/apples - but trust me, it is ever so much yummier with apples! Bring on apple season! See my bag of apples? Wheeee!!!!Macintosh - perfect for baking. I bought these off of a guy who pulled in to my yard with a pick-up truck full of apples and squash. I bought some of each - how could I resist. Good fresh produce, delivered to my door - way out in the middle of nowhere! SB doesn't like store bought apple sauce, but he will eat homemade! And apple chunks sprinkled with cinnamon/sugar - he just can't seem to get enough. That bag probably won't last for too long!
Our other baking project this week is sourdough bread... or at least the starter - it takes 3 days for the starter to be ready to use. We have 3 days to spare. The starter will be ready tomorrow so that is our baking project for tomorrow. The kitchen is needed today for making a special family dinner - seeing that it is Canadian Thanksgiving and all... I figure, why not celebrate both Canadian and US? We are doing low-key today, but it will still be a special family meal.
Here is SB stirring the sour dough starter.


Jeanne said...

Your pies are so pretty! Alas, I'm not a pie-maker.

I'll try your snack bread as soon as my bananas get brown.


Cape Codder in Montana said...

Please come visit in Montana. We need a baker. The bread sounds delicious, I'm going to have to try that! The apples are ready on my tree, time to pick!

Sue R said...

My mom never made pies when I was a kid, so I never learned. My son is a culinary arts student though, and I am learning all sorts of things from him. We made pies one day, he mixed his crust with his hands and a pastry blender; I put mine in a plastic bowl and shook it until it was all blended--not only did it work really well, but it was faster too. I enjoyed reading your cooking blog too, I'll be visiting there again.

Sue R said...

Hopefully you got that there was a lid on the plastic bowl before I shook it--forgot to add that!