Monday, October 27, 2008

October update

I love this tree! I think in some sort-ov way it looks like a lady tree, hitching up her skirts and running! This photo is from a walk School Boy and I took last weekend. We also went by these camping cabins - if you can call them that. They are more like permanent tents with simple bare bunks & a ladder built inside and some sort of counter to put your things. Very rustic! Part of a campground though so you can go to the bath-house for showers/toilets/etc. Just think of it as a tent, but maybe the ground is a bit more waterproof should it rain! The green part is actually heavy-duty plastic of some sort. I thought they were neat in anycase.

1st things 1st in October - catching up on my rest after a busy summer season. 2nd thing is always paperwork. MOST of my paperwork is done for the month, so onward to happier things - like quilting! Well, other than our bread baking - which has turned into a 2X a week event since we all love that sourdough bread so much! We just keep adding to the starter in the fridge now that we got it started - and seeing it sitting there just makes you want to make bread, you know! Mmmm.
Anyway - those 12 crazy patch stars couldn't sit long and I started sketching out some ideas in my quilt book (really a leather portfolio with handy-dandy built in calculator from an office supply store - I keep all my design ideas in there) for a quilt to set them into. Yes, I have EQ, but it is an older version and very clunky - I usually find it much faster (and relaxing) just to sketch out my ideas. Well - other than the math bit as math isn't so very relaxing for me, but once I get an idea in my head I usually can figure out the measurements. So - here is the winning sketches and I've been piecing in bits and pieces - here and there. I've got the 40 string border blocks done for the border - amazingly enough sewing just 4 a night added up pretty quickly, I've made 6 crumb blocks and now here you see the sashings with little squares that will become star points for the crumb blocks. I have them laid out on the sketch the way I want them pieced so that I don't lose my place.
And in other sewing news... here is a photo of the great fabric I picked up at Marden's for under $5 total! The Halloween costume for School Boy is almost done - no, not a cow... he is going to be a dalmation, and a very cute one at that! As a bonus - there is plenty of fabric left over to make a stuffed animal!!! I started 2 weeks ago and figured I would do 1-2 steps at a time, nice and slowly with no pressure. The costume is just about done now - ears and tail still need to be added. But before I could do that, he desperately needed a new pair of pants so those have been sewn (and worn and washed already!) and a 2nd pair is all cut - just waiting to buy more elastic to finish those. Hopefully this week I will manage to take more photos... stay tuned!

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