Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Leaf Project

SB and I did this project last week... it was a 3 day project for us.

Day 1 - go for a great leaf walk, carrying bags to collect all our goodies.

Day 2 - sharpen crayons (with my eyeliner pencil since I haven't used it in ages anyway) and iron the crayon shavings and leaves in between wax paper (low iron heat - just enough to melt the crayon)... in between newspaper! Tape the edges and tape onto the windows. This really is pretty when the sun shines!

Day 3 - get out our Tree book and identify as many leaves as possible. Oak, aspen, maple, etc. Talk about maple syrup, acorns, those helicopter seed pods, etc.

We always made these in the fall when I was little. Lots of people who have seen School Boy's have asked me how we made them. Making them was the easy part - getting the craft area cleaned up of crayon shavings - and my ironing board (well, of course some got spilled) - now that was the tricky part.


Cape Codder in Montana said...

OOh, that is really walking me down memory lane when we used to ruin Mom's iron on this project. Finally, she let us have the old one for crafts, after we ruined Dad's shirts a few times. Love, IMP

Darcie said...

I LOVED doing that when I was a kid in school. Our grade school rooms had nearly floor to ceiling glass block windows to hang our art pieces on...perfect for melted color crayon masterpieces!

Martha said...

Kindergarteners just love this craft. I use it often with my class. You and School Boy did an awesome job. In my class, he would get a 'high five' for such great work!