Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

School Boy was a dalmation! Kwik sew 2711 - really easy to make, but not an overnight project! Especially if you are like me and decide to finish or zig zag all the edges because the way things go in my b-i-g family - it could be one of those hand-me-downs that we will be seeing for years to come, which means it needs to be washable/durable. Which is exactly why I started it mid-October and did a bit here and there. Finished in plenty of time and he brought it to school on Thursday - the kindergarten class went to the nursing home as a field trip. School Boy told me that the people there were so amazed by all the costumes that they sat there and didn't say a word. He is a hoot, let me tell you! And a police officer talked with the kids about Halloween safety.

Today DH went to carve the pumpkin with School Boy and don't you know - it was rotted out! I was hoping that a pumpkin would suffice and we wouldn't have to actually carve it, but that just wasn't going to happen. Anyway - a quick trip to the library where they were still selling nice pumpkins solved that problem and here is a photo of their jack-o-latern! I have a little battery operated light in there. We went out tonight - we only go to a few places and where we know the people and then hurry home so that School Boy can see others in costume when they come to our house to trick-or-treat. For some reason, it was all over very early this year so he only got to see a few people at our door. One place that we go to is the senior apartment complex - they have the treats in the main meeting room and all the residents go there to see the kids in costume - they just love that! One place tried to give SB a can of soda (he had already gotten 2 cans) and he told them that he had enough soda since he didn't drink it anyway - calcium apple juice is much healthier than soda - but he was going to give Momma the soda. Oh goodness we got a good laugh out of that.

Here are my notes about the pattern if anyone is thinking of making one:

I made a size XS for my son, based on his measurements. With a sweatshirt underneath it pulled a bit at the top of the back... do keep in mind that if you live in a cold climate the kids wear heavy clothes under the costume - so next time I need to remember to make a bigger size!

It velcros up the back which makes it impossible for a small child to get in/out by themself. I figured I would just help him anyway.

Do NOT think of making a smaller size and adding length to the legs - make the next size up. It is important to have the torso length because of the way the hood pulls up over the head - if you don't have that torso room you won't be able to get the hood on.

I used a narrower elastic than called for. If you are sewing with a thick costume fabric I find that I don't want to sew exactly perfect so the elastic fits into the casings - I just get a narrower elastic.

To stuff the dog tail I rolled some quilt batting I had on hand around a wooden spoon and pushed the spoon handle down into the tail. Then I sewed the end of the batting into the seam so it won't fall into the tail and clump (I didn't have any stuffing on hand).

I used a quilting black fabric for the tail and ears. I used a double layer for the tail and lightly interfaced the ears.

The ears are a bit big and goofy, but this IS a Halloween costume!!!

All in all, I love Kwik Sew patterns! School Boy was delighted with his costume and it wasn't stressful to make it at all - I started 2 weeks before he needed it! No set in sleeves, no zippers, no buttons, no facings, nothing too complicated - just a good, basic costume for your kid.


floribunda said...

what a lucky schoolboy to have such a clever mom!

Darcie said...

He is a super good looking dalmation boy! What a nice hand-me-down that will be for the next child in line! Lucky dog! ;-)

Screen Door said...

I love the costume. I had a mom that would make me wear a coat... so I vowed to never do that to my kids. I made them costumes, but they were warm ones, a furry rabbit, a mouse. I dragon....It was so much fun....Thanks for sparking a memory.

Cher said...

this came out terrific! We have a grown up size costume of the same idea-which I wore the first year of my job - I had a cute nose to wear on an elastic string even-and matching overstuffed slippers that worked as they were the same fabric design.

andsewitis Holly said...

Ohhh, wonderful costume! You did great!

Laurie said...

Great pics of the dalmation in your life!

Mary said...

You're such a good mom! I never sewed at all when my boys were small so they got store bought costumes or we made do with what we had at home (no sewing involved). I had never even used a sewing machine until I started quilting 8 years ago and they were already in high school by then.