Friday, November 30, 2007

The Ruler Game

This ruler is a Bias Rectangle - part of Kaye England's Cut for the Cure line of rulers. I bought it a few years ago and... well, I've never used it - can you see - it's still wrapped up. You can see the Cut for the Cure rulers on Kaye's website here - . I also have the kaleidoscope ruler - I used it to make my Octagon Flowers quilt last year. Love that ruler and have plans to use it again. So, now I want to try my hand at this Bias Rectangle ruler - thanks to -

Laurie (aka Quilter gone WILD) recently posted about her collection of un-used rulers. She picked one, read the directions and got busy and is now making some lovely pineapple blocks. You can check out her progress here -

I wanted to play - so I picked Bias Rectangle. Except - I couldn't find any directions, shoot I couldn't even find the ruler anywhere on the internet. Ah well, it is a Kaye England ruler so I looked up her site, got her e-mail address and fired off a question - how do I use this ruler? Don't you know, she answered, within an hour no less, with very detailed directions. Turns out my ruler was discontinued and made into 2 seperate rulers, but with Kaye's instructions I can figure out how to use it. This is the 2nd time I've e-mailed Kaye England with a question about a ruler and I must say, I am super impressed with her immediate answers and detailed information!

Instructions in hand I now know how to flip the thing around to cut what I want to cut. And lookie there - those 2 units are the very same shape as Judy L's Tri-Recs rulers she has been using on her pink quilt ( !!! Which means, I can make Judy's quilt without buying new rulers!!!

Sooo - who else wants to play The Ruler Game in December? Go on - go pick one!!!


Kathie said...

Yes I have to admit to being a ruler collector!
and yes I too have rulers with the plastic still on!
During December I will take one and use it to make a quilt (ok start!) a quilt using my stash of course!
thanks for the suggestion
will keep you posted!

loulee1 said...

LOL Good luck with the new game!

floribunda said...

good idea! I have one of thos kaleidoscope rulers where the instructions are SO complicated... I guess I need to go and dig it out of the drawer and try to use it.

cher said...

I did this a while ago- for the same reasons, too many bought and unused rulers! mine was the Easy angle by Sharon Hultgren. I used it to make hst's for an entire quilt. I found the ruler to not be as accurate to read and cut with as I would wish-it was great though to finally use one and know how or if I liked it.