Monday, November 12, 2007

A busy week

Guess where we have been this week?

Well, lots of places, but here are some photos...

Boston! I love Boston! We went to the Children's Museum which has a beautiful waterfront location and is perfect for kids about 6/7 years old and under.

Little Boy is always up for an adventure and I must say, Boston is a very kid friendly city. In the past we have taken buses, taxis and the T, gone on the Duck-mobiles and swan boats, been to the aquarium, the library, had a picnic in the gardens... lots to do in Boston and the Children's Museum was very fun. It was a cold day so a perfect indoor activity... there are lots of "hands on" type exhibits for the kids - a very nice day spent with family playing with a cousin.

Another day we went to this indoors kids play area thing - the 2 cousins had a great time climbing up all kinds of tunnels, sliding on the slide, zipping along on a zip line... well, you get the idea. If you haven't seen one before - this photo was the best I could do in the space!
Then we had lunch at Bugaboo where the decor is over the top with talking animal heads, etc. Little Boy was soooo excited when this buffalo said he wanted a chocolate chip cookie! What a hoot.
Again a fun day with family. After that - we went to an outdoor playground to play some more. Oh to have the energy of a four year old. That night the adults were tired, but the kids were still going strong. At the end of the day Little Boy announced "this day was all about play, play, play - no paperwork!". He was very excited about that.

On a perfectly crystal clear day we went to this little tower on Cape Cod... a short climb up the stairs and viola - a wonderful view! This was just a little detour type of jaunt as we had some other things that had to be taken care of that day, but it wasn't too far out of our way and added some fun to our schedule. The tower was built in the late 1900's and I think it was made out of ships ballast. It is not very tall, but on a big hill so has the great view.

But we didn't just stick to the city and touristy type attactions... we also went to see my sister in New Hampshire and had a great outdoorsy time there, plus a bit of sewing - yup, I packed my sewing machine - I love sewing with my sister! Of course I am slightly insane and would rather drive than fly, but gosh, you can fit sooo much more into an entire truck than what the airlines allow! But - you are going to have to wait until I take photos for any sewing news.

S'mores by the lake anyone? My sister was just starting this little fire when we arrived and she set about teaching me the fine art of making a perfectly roasted marshmellow! My sister's son is one of Little Boys favorite playmates and he was just thrilled with this New Hampshire visit.

The next day we took a little hike - Little Boy has that Austrian mountain blood in him and right away fashioned himself some walking sticks... walking sticks also make great instruments for testing how deep the ponds shore is or the depth of a mud puddle.

Shortly after this hike it was determined that my son's feet keep on growing and he got some new shoes. Nothing like a hike to let you know your shoes are too small.

I know, I know - I've got to come up with a different name for him - maybe Growing Boy - at this rate... but just look how LITTLE he does look - all curled up on a King sized hotel bed! He still is MY Little Boy! I was brushing my teeth and when I came ar
ound the corner - there he was, sound asleep. Finally! I tuckered him out!!!

And me, well yes, I am tuckered out too. Phew. Lots of driving. Oh well, at least we got to almost all of our important business, plus had lots of fun AND got to see family all at the same time. Oh, and did I mention I also went to my favorite fabric store... Marden's???

And on the home front - more construction. Yeah - that is a cement truck, such excitement! Always something going on around here!


Darcie said...

Love the pictures of "Growing Boy," Evelyn! It's always so fun to travel with you through your photos.

Oh...that picture by the water with your sister's calming and beautiful. So glad that you all enjoyed your time together.

And you're home, safe now! Cheers!

Mary said...

You weren't kidding about it being a busy week! I love Boston and try to tag along whenever Keith has to go on business. The last time I was there I walked the Freedom Trail which was kind of fun.

tami said...

My 6'2" son is still my Baby Boy. :cD

Jeanne said...

Looks like you had a wonderful excursion. I especially like the tree stump picture! Your hair is getting so long!

Susan said...

Oh, such wonderful places you two visit. That fire by the lake looked fabulous. Little Boy is going to be one well-educated fellow when he goes to school! I didn't forget about the fabric, btw. Just haven't boxed it up! Soon. We'll be leaving here and I'll have to. =)

Laurie said...

Boston is on my list of cities that I HAVE to go to! I haven't been able to yet though! I just love reading about your adventures with Little Boy...and yep, Growing Boy is appropriate until the pic on the bed!

Karen said...

Wow, those pictures of him on the hike are just the cutest ever.

Connie W said...

When I visit my daughter in Boston, I've always wondered how far away the closest Marden's is located. I'd love to visit one sometime. Do you happen to know how far it is to drive? My daughter lives in Quincy, just south of Boston.