Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stashbusting Sunday

I made some progress on my Purple Strings - Little Boy wanted the 4" anchor block to be added - so there it is (bottom right). I can't tell you how happy that made him! I even cut a few strips from those 2 fat quarters I got at Marden's to add - a little snippet of new fabric mixed in with this collection of scrap bin strips! Of course, no one else except for me would ever know which fabric is which, but I "know" all my fabric, so it makes a difference to me!

The top is laid out on top of another - bigger quilt for size reference - and the ripples you see are some stray building blocks... And, it was not until today that I realized something... I ALWAYS put my quilts on my bed the OTHER way. ALWAYS. My bed has beautiful head and foot boards and is extra high - so if I rotate the quilt - it fits perfectly - no squishing the quilt down into the footboard and a nice overhang on the sides. And, I don't do a pillowtuck because I usually have at least 3 pillows on each side - and how do you tuck all those? SOOO - this quilt needs a bit of re-orgnization... meaning - time to rip.

If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you will know that I hardly ever, ever rip - a wonky block - leave it be, a piece of fabric sewn wrong side up - leave it be. I put it all down to sewing with a young one underfoot. But this - well, this affects the entire, entire quilt. So, better to rip now and get it rotated... because I really want the strips to go up and down on my bed, not across. Right now, if I add another 12" length (6" top and bottom borders) it will come out at 100" - the exact size I wanted - except I really wanted it 100" wide, not long. Ooops! So - those long rows need to become a little bit shorter and the extra length moved over into another row. Then the top will be wider than long. Why haven't I ever noticed before that I put a quilt on my bed like that? I guess because with most of my quilts it doesn't really matter - the design pretty much stays the same either way you turn it.

Stashbusting wise this past week - I've also cut out the fabrics I bought at Marden's for the borders for Bargello and for Grandmother's Choice. NOT a whole lot of sewing going on right now, but I figure if it is at least cut - well, it is 1 step in the right direction anyway.


JudyL said...

I can't believe you're going to have to do that re-arranging to get the quilt to fit! I love the anchor block added and I wish I could've seen Little Boy's face when he saw it had been added.

Susan said...

Wow, that's a lot of ripping. but I do love the anchor block!

Here you are stash busting, and here I am putting together a box stuffed with fabric to send to you! LOL!

Mary said...

I also make quilts for my bed wider than they are long but I don't make many of them! I need a new one but keep putting it off and now with the smaller longarm, I can't quilt one unless I do it in two pieces. Maybe next year I'll make one - we'll see.

cher said...

at least you noticed before the quilt was quilted! I too love the special anchor Growing Boy had you add-and totally relate to putting a few new pieces into your current string stash busting top! it seems no matter how large a scrap bin(s) we have, a little something new added always gives it more sparkle.

Dawn said...

I think Little Boy is right - the anchor is just perfect!

Samantha said...

Ripping? Wow! Good luck with it! This looks stunning, and I am certain your changes will only make it better- if possible!