Saturday, November 24, 2007

Knit knee-sock slippers

NO, I did not knit these, they were a gift to me from a knitter.

You see, I know someone who had the pattern, she bought the yarn, she could NOT find the needles anywhere! And no, I have no idea about her pattern source. So, I told her I would look for the needles for her when I was in the states. Very hard to find - I think it was super sized dpn's, but I can't remember exactly anymore. Anyway, the local yarn shop ordered them for me after making sure, sure that I really did want such large needles because who knits socks on such large needles? And maybe I was confused because Canada actually has a different knitting needle size than the rest of the world. Who knew? But anyway - the jumbo needles were ordered and when they came in I mailed them off so the happy knitter could knit her socks/slippers. And as a thank you, she not only paid me back for the needles and postage BUT she also made me my very own pair!!!
Aren't they GREAT? And warm too! I have warm, happy feet!!!


Doodlebug Gail said...

Goodness those look so nice and warm! Could have done with a pair under my boots while I was on an outdoor field trip in downtown Toronto yesterday ..... temperature was a chilly -10ÂșC!!!!

Susan said...

Oh, those look wonderfully warm, and yes, I am jealous. =) It isn't as cold here, but it is cold at night. I'm wearing Paul's hunting socks, which he foolishly loaned me - maybe last winter. He's never getting them back!

Laurie said...

those look AWESOME!!!

cher said...

color me green with envy! I am always complaining about my cold feet! I have always wanted electric socks! those look so comfy too. a good deed rewarded...lucky you.