Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Blocks!

I've been wondering what to do with these "segments" for awhile now ... so for the past few days I've left them out and have played around with them some - this is what I've come up with... I need 16 little segments to make a 12" block. I've already started to piece 4 segments together to make 1/4 of the block - just have to piece those units together into blocks now that I've made a decision! And, I have stacks of these segments. Stacks. Oh yes, it is good to come up with a plan for something I already have on hand!


Susan said...

Now I'm wondering why you have stacks and stacks of these? I do like what you are doing with them. Did they have some different original purpose?

ForestJane said...

Oh, those are pretty!

Knowing me, I'd probably obsess about what 4 colors to put in the corners... lol

And I can't believe how big your boy's growing... seems like when I first read your blog, he was just a teeny little fellow, now look how long his legs are on Santa's lap. :D

Laurie said...

too cute! i love them!

Samantha said...

FUN blocks- and great colors!

loulee1 said...

I like the pretty colours. Why did you have so many blocks made with ni definite plans?