Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick Or Treat! and October Doings

A few weeks ago Little Boy announced that he wanted to be an orange bunny rabbit for Halloween. Hummm. I didn't give it too much thought because originally we had travel plans. But, since orange is his favorite color and he did need pants, I went ahead and made him a pair of orange fleece pants. Good thing too because it turned out that we weren't traveling yesterday afterall. So, I spent yesterday afternoon trying to figure out how to make bunny rabbit ears... he is a LOP bunny because for the life of me I couldn't get them to stand up straight!. An old white bed sheet and 2 wire coat hangers to the rescue!! He already had an orange pull-over, phew. His face is marked with a 50 cent "face" marker from the dollar store and amazingly enough - it washed right off with just a wet facecloth!
Doesn't he look cute??? And, he loved, loved, loved his costume!!! You should have seen him - he hopped up and down like a bunny at every house we went trick-or-treating at. Adorable, I tell you, so adorable I almost cried. His little excited voice "trick or treat, please" and then the little hopping show. Even bigger kids were stopping to watch him, with a smile. See his tiny, little basket? A couple of weeks ago he insisted on getting it for trick-or-treating and at every house he would put the candy first in his basket and then in my bigger bag. We did a lot of houses and still got home early enough for him to hand out candy to other trick-or-treaters, which he had a great time doing too. Let me tell you, I had one happy bunny rabbit this Halloween. I can't tell you how FUN it was to watch him being so excited!

It was a busy week because we had to do a lot of traveling. There are some perks - one hotel had a great 10" pool - connected to the adult pool so you know the water isn't all yucky - and Little Boy loved that, even if it was a bit cool. Another hotel had a wonderful view. We got to eat out some (but the service was slow, slow, slow and the food wasn't always great - I would much rather 100 times over fix a nice meal at home..., but still - some parts of it was good). The scenery was pretty - most of the leaves are just past peak for fall colors, but there was still lots of pretty colors and scenery. I didn't hit a deer - ok, that was sort-ov a joke from hitting a deer this spring, but you would not believe how many deer are about. In anycase, we were home for Halloween and for Little Boy, that meant alot.
I don't want to let October slip away without adding a bit more... not like I don't already have alot of October posts, but still...
We did manage to pick some apples from our little apple tree - here is a photo of Proud Little Boy next to his bowl of apples! We just might get that apple butter made yet!
I cooked ALOT in October, experimenting and trying to come up with some new recipes. Let's see... blueberry cheesecake, baked ziti with bechmel sauce and tiny meatballs, baked tomato casserole, rye meatballs with saurcraut and fried potatoes, cheesy noodles, cheesy green beans, strawberry/cranberry fruit mold, different soups... I am sure there were some other things too... just can't remember off the top of my head. Finally, I settled upon one complete "plate", which I need to serve at least 18 at one sitting, so I am happy that all my experimenting was productive.
And I am happy to report that my desk is looking better than ever - after some concentrated effort on my part! I am still behind, but progress is progress and it does feel good to get some things squared away. Not that I have anything to "show" for a clean desk, but peace of mind sure does feel good! I suppose that the next time I go collect the mail another pile will be added, but I am fairly happy with what I have been able to accomplish, paperwork wise, this past month.
Sewing wise... well, I made my son his sleep sack, orange fleece pants and bunny ears! Quilt wise I've worked on my red ocean waves blocks and have been buttonholing my string tulips down. Plus, I worked on Judy's May challenge to use a piece from stash and have that top almost completely set together - just need that maroon border fabric. I also paperpieced the anchor block. Knit wise - I am almost finished with my blue sweater. In all these areas I feel like I am just plugging along right now - sewing out of habit/need right now rather than being excited about anything, but it still relaxing for me to sew. So, even if I am not super excited about any "new" project right now I will just keep at it and eventually I will have some rewarding finishes! Oh wait! Any finish regarding something for Little Boy is rewarding. Since he is so happy with anything I make for him, sewing for him is a treat. Truly, he is my Halloween TREAT!


Laurie said...

I just LOVE your posts about "Little Boy". And his costume is tooooooo adorable! I sure wish he had come to my door last night! :oD You sound like you have been very busy and productive this month Evelyn! GOOD FOR YOU!

Dawn said...

Oh he is an absolutely adorable bunny! And I love the floppy ears even better than standing up!

Jeanne said...

Your orange bunny is just precious! Such a wealth of happy memories you're storing up. You sound so happy and busy!

Darcie said...

He's the best looking orange lop eared bunny that I've ever seen!!! What a gem! Good job, Momma!

Sweet P said...

An orange, floppy eared bunny. How adorable. He looks so happy and it sounds like he made a lot of other people happy too.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy autumn, Evelyn! Your rabbit is so completely precious it almost made me cry. My baby is getting married, this news is still sinking in... so I'm a bit emotional anyway!! Your food experimentation had my almost drooling. Well done.

cher said...

I am so happy with little boys choice of refreshing from the many I saw at my door-super heroes and whatnot. Cooking for 18..oh my-you are the woman for that task!
love to hear about your days with little boy

Susan said...

He is adorable! The bunniest little boy ever! How clever you are to get him bunny-eared, too.

Shelina said...

What a cute costume! Great job Evelyn!