Friday, April 03, 2009

Courthouse Steps Quilt Blocks... Progress

I am still plugging along on my Courthouse Steps blocks. Only 8 more blocks left to go - I still need to color 1 box in on my chart. I am hoping that over the next 2 weeks the blocks will be completed and then I can move on to setting them together. Those 1 1/2" strips sure do take ALOT of sewing to get a block done.
Some of the blocks are missing the final strip - I ran out of fabric for those so will have to look to see what I have that sort-ov matches. It's only 2-3 blocks and I guess it will just add interest to the finished quilt.
With warmer weather on the horizon, I re-arranged the living room this week, taking out my sewing corner and moving it back over to the corner in the kitchen - or what will be the kitchen after renovations are finished. It was too cold over there in the winter, but I really prefer to sew in that area, so I am happy. Now, just have to address the issue of lighting at night...
The living room looks so much better re-arranged. It isn't a large room and has a funny L shape, but the new layout is perfect. We now have a separate tv area, sitting/computer area (with great lighting/seating for knitting/reading!), large play area for my son... because of course he wants to be right underfoot no matter where I am, so we might as well just plan accordingly and make everything work. Right on the other side of his play area is my sewing corner.
A knitting note: I love handknit face cloths. Seems most people use them as dishclothes around here, but I like them in the shower. I buy them at the Farmer's Market. Two weeks ago I decided to try knitting my own ... mine is on the right - much too big! Guess I will have to try again with a smaller needle. So, while it isn't the perfect facecloth, it does look to be just about perfect for a dishcloth afterall! And, one of my friends at quilting group took pity on me and knit me the correct scale face cloth I was trying to make myself - that's hers on the left. Wasn't that sweet!

I was going to a business thing this weekend, but have a cold and just couldn't seem to muster up the energy to go. Besides the fact that it is a long-ish trip and that area just got hammered with snow 2 days ago. Guess I will stay home and work on closing out my books for the quarter instead, yuck! But, it will be good to get that accomplished so I might as well take advantage of the time I have in my schedule.


Brenda said...

I had never thought of using those clothes in the shower!!! I don't like to use them for dishes, so they are the last ones I use, but in the bath!?? It just makes sense!! Thanks for that idea!!
And I like your courthouse step blks - and yes, they do take awhile to make at that strip size, but oh so worth it!!
Have a great weekend and isn't it time for the snow to stop being in our forcasts????? I think so, but guess not........ Have a great weekend!!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Oh wow! Your courthouse steps blocks are gorgeous and good for you for keeping so organised. I have this pattern in a book about scrappy quilts - are you using a pattern or just winging it?

Aren't you ready for spring to arrive properly? I am ready to get into my garden - this winter has been awful but I keep getting reminded that there's always a chance of a horrible spring storm to bring some snow! We have a very rainy day here in Toronto today and apparently it's not going to let up until tomorrow morning.

Sorry you're not feeling well - rest up and take care of yourself.

Fiona said...

The courthouse steps are wonderful - I particularly like the pink centre squares.

andsewitis Holly said...

Your courthouse steps quilt is looking wonderful! I love your face cloth, too. How big is it? I've been enjoying making face/dish cloths and mine are anywhere between 8 to 9 inches. That size works well for me. Feel better soon!

Shasta said...

Your courthouse steps quilt is beautiful! Thanks for the tips on how to make it without a design wall. I've had this one on my to-do list for a long time. I would love to actually make it. Maybe after I finish the SITP quilt. :)

Elaine Adair said...

Wow - this is one of my most favorite quilts - yours is going to be gorgeous!

Darcie said...

Your Courthouse Steps Log Cabin is looking just delightful, Evelyn! I love a setting like that. It's just so sweet.

Sorry to hear that you're under the weather. Hope you're feeling more like yourself very soon!