Monday, April 20, 2009

Doing Laundry

I can easily spend a few hours every day doing laundry when my business is busy (in addition to all the other stuff I do!). Basically, laundry can kind-ov tend to itself as long as you keep the process moving... except the sheets when it comes to the dryer. For some reason, the sheets always get tangled into big knots or a big roll. So - I watch them. Once the cycle is 1/2 over I open the dryer and pull out anything that is already dry and unknot any tangles on the damp stuff and throw it back into the machine. Then, I like to stay close by so when the signal sounds I can grab everything out of the dryer and get it folded right away before wrinkles set.
When it isn't busy, I can actually sew while waiting for that end cycle. It isn't too much time - maybe 15-20 minutes, but this is how I get alot of sewing done. I've been working on my patriotic heart quilt while doing laundry lately - I've made 4 more blocks, squared them all up, cut the sashing and corner stones and have started sewing the rows together. I ran out of sashing fabric - next time I go to the store I will look to see if they have any more. But look there - I have almost finished my quilt... just by doing laundry!
Here is what my sheet tower for 17 beds was looking like the other day, mid-way through my laundry day. Obviously, I still have alot of laundry left to go to get that thing filled up again. Flat on the left, fitted on right. Pillowcases up top. Arranged by size. Basically, I have 2+ sets for each bed, plus extra pillowcases. Some days all the beds need to be switched over so 2+ sets are necessary. I also have a linen closet that I keep linens in. I like all the sheets to be white, which would be very confusing size wise if I didn't color-code them. I sew colored strips of fabric along the bottom edge of each new sheet before it is used - it is quick and easy to see what size the sheet is just by looking at the bottom edge.


Lori in South Dakota said...

smart way to color code your sheets!

Mishka said...

Try throwing in a towel (face cloth, hand cloth) with the sheets, and see if that helps with the tangling. I read it somewhere for fabrics, it might work.