Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy Saturday

Finally, finally it is starting to warm up! We spent the day outside! Even enjoyed our dinners (lunch) outside for the first time in months. My son has a sling-shot type airplane thing that he played with and I had to go up on various roofs several times to retrieve it. Humm, time for a change of scenery!
After dinner I thought we would go for a walk... and we drove to the cliffs where there is a nice walking trail leading away from the edge. Don't go thinking I walk near the edge of these! Except it was windy up there and with spring weather, windy is too cold. So - maybe the beach? Not this beach - I mean an accessible beach! This one is pretty, but obviously - there isn't any way to get down there!

We stopped at this beach, but this one was windy too. Brrrrr. This is a good beach for finding seaglass though so we will go back another day.
Sooo - we drove a little more... don't worry - the speed limit is 50 KM here (about 35 MPH) and there is no traffic. I just held up my camera without even looking and snapped this photo. We have 1 road around here and most of it runs along the water. Pretty, huh? Just going to the grocery store is a scenic trip.

Go around a bend, a few corners... and there is a beautiful SAND beach which just so happened to be out of the wind today. Perfect! Hard to believe all this different geography is within a few miles area of each other.

Tucked behind old smoke sheds, my son and I have a great time searching for sea treasures such as shells and odd bits of pottery. But the real treasure is spending time together. I love having my son home on the weekends! He is gone 6 hours a day for kindergarten. 6 long hours if you ask me.

The sand here is very fine and dark - it absorbs the sun's heat and feels so nice and warm! Ahhhh. Got to remember to toss a beach blanket in the back of the car next time we set out for an adventure!
On the way home I noticed they had the firetruck at the grocery store for a fund-raiser. So we stopped and got to check out the truck - you know, I've never actually seen one of those things with all the compartments opened. It was pretty interesting... oxygen tanks, backpacks, super duty flashlights, shovels, ax , etc. - all in neat little compartments. Of course, my son was happy!
Anyway - good thing I got some relaxing in... because when I came home... my truck looked like this - ALL over.

And my back yard looked like this...

Guess I will be washing my truck tomorrow. DH told me he was going to stay home and do some yard work - so I left my truck and took the car. I am thinking that maybe that was a mistake? The truck was actually good and stuck - had to be pulled out with the tractor. I asked him - didn't you notice the ground was soft back there? His answer: well - I was able to cross 2X before I got stuck. City guys and 4X4 trucks might not be such a good combination!
I couldn't get too mad though... because DH did just build this super spice rack! I am loving it. Oh - and the FRONT yard looks great.

One more thing - before it warmed up outside this morning - I made 17 easy quilt blocks.

It was so nice to just take a day off and enjoy! ALL day. Wonderful! The sun feels so wonderful even if it is still hat weather - at least we are wearing our Spring jackets and don't have to bother with all that bulky winter gear! And the day is lighter much longer now too! The extra hours of daylight combined with some Vitamin Sunshine makes me extra happy!


Brenda said...

Thank-you for taking me on your day in the sun. the drive to the non-windy beach was very nice and imagaine, having that type of view as you go about your daily chores.... I would sometimes find reasons that I had to go to the store!!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Nice scenery - it all looks so peaceful. What a great way to pass the day with your growing boy.

Michelle said...

What a gorgeous day! I sent my own kids out in the sunshine so I could dig through fabric scraps without help. They came in muddier than your truck.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Sometimes I think men think 4x4 means "walks on water"! And I won't tell you what he did with a big tractor! (I should just keep the big log chain with me all the time.)