Sunday, April 12, 2009

12 1/2 yards!

A happy quilter is a quilter with new fabric - and that would be me!!! My 1st quilting fabric purchase for the year!!! Well, except 1 fat quarter that I bought for someone else so that doesn't really count.
Guess what? I went to Marden's and almost all their quilting fabric is on sale for $1.99 yard. Wheee! Big restraint not to come home with lots and lots, but I still made out pretty well if I do say so myself. 12 1/2 yards isn't too shabby! Look for this fabric to be used soon, as it all has a purpose. What you are looking at in that photo is all pretty much destined to borders, sashings and 1 backing.
See those yellows (1/4 yard cuts). Already washed, dried, cut into and sewn into blocks... for my on-going courthouse steps. I have left-over yellow - probably should have asked for 1/8 yard cuts, but really, does anyone ever buy such a tiny amount of yardage? Anyway - I think there are only 3 more courthouse steps blocks to be made, so hopefully this week all my blocks will be done and I can set them together. The photo below is my tiny little lay-out that helps me keep track of what fabric goes next to what. I was already busy cutting and gluing bits of that new yellow in place.

I also have an upcoming post about knitty goodness so stay tuned.
NO sewing today as I was busy with church and cooking my super-delicious ham Easter dinner, yum!


Shasta said...

I wish I lived near a Mardens. That is beautiful fabric.

Doodlebug Gail said...

I too wish I lived near a Mardens ..... we had super-delicious yummy glazed ham today as well. Tried a creamed spinach with bacon for the first time - delicious! Happy Easter to you all.

What nice purchases! I'm saving my $$$$ for the Creativ Festival here in Toronto in 10 days. Perhaps it is time to start my shopping list.