Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Love This Hat!

One of my friend's was knitting this hat to donate to her church fund-raiser... I bought it before it was even off the needles! She has since knitted another 3-4 (various colors)- all of which are being worn, out and about in the community. I think she has started a trend! It is a great hat - covers my ears, holds it shape, is nice and warm. To me, it looks like it has big sheaves of wheat on it... my friend thinks that it looks like cathedral windows. All in the eye of the beholder, I guess. Either way... I think it is pretty and it makes me smile! Actually, my DH says that I started smiling again alot more since the weather started warming up and the sun is shining!

And the hat I knit last week (the simple knit/purl one) - guess who else it fits? One size fits all, I'd say. A good "family" hat! Here is my son wearing the hat - we were outside playing with his airplane today. Oh, is it ever nice to be able to go outside and play again without freezing!
He is also wearing a new pair of corduroys that I just made for him. I put a cute little yellow maple leaf embroidery thing on the patch pocket - matches his shoes, LOL! He hates store-bought pants for 101 - or maybe that is 1001 reasons and honestly, it is just as easy for me to make his pants than to find a pair that fits his tall/thin build. And he loves it when I make things especially for him. Needless to say though - he does not have a huge supply of pants - I make what he needs and do laundry often!
I should note: both of the hat patterns can be found in the book Annabelle's Caps.

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Tanya said...

love the detail on the hat, yours is awesome too.