Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Slow Knitting

Usually I enjoy picking away on simple knitting. Socks, scarfs, mittens, headbands, hats and bags being my favorite projects. It has been a hard winter on my hands though and my knuckles have protested mightily the next morning if I knit the night before. Sigh. So, I haven't done much knitting lately. Lately being just about all winter. But, I did manage this super soft hat this past week - just perfect for slightly warm, but still chilly Spring! I tried to pace myself and not do too much at a time - so it took me 2 nights. Slow knitting. And my hands still hurt so I don't think I will be knitting again until the warm days of summer.
I'm not sure why the color is so off on the outside photo, but it is a good photo of the shape of the hat - and below is an indoor photo for better color. The yarn was some sort-ov chunky, slightly variegated yarn. I bought the yarn at Ben Franklin's - the last of the great Five & Dime stores! What do you think about a pom-pom? When I was little my Nana always put pom-poms on all our hats... I guess they aren't really in style anymore? Ah well, I like pom-poms and have plenty of left-over yarn so I just might have to make one for the hat tomorrow.

Speaking of style... a few weeks back when I had my hair done... my hairdresser took a flat iron to it. It was a bit amazing that she was able to get all the curl out of my hair with that thing, but she did... and it was a fun look for a day. As soon as I washed it - it went right back to curly, much to the relief of my entire family - they weren't sure about the straight hair look! Here's some before/after photos.

Pretty funny the difference between curly and straight, huh! Well at least in the straight hair photo you can see that she gives me a great haircut. You usually can't actually see what the actual haircut looks like because it curls right up anyway.


Oh - and guess what? I took all 4 photos on this post - can you tell?


JudyL said...

What a difference! I had no idea a flat iron could take away all the curl. I think you're very pretty with straight or curls but knowing the curls are easier, I like that best! Do you have arthritis or is it just the weather alone that causes the joint pain?

Doodlebug Gail said...

What lovely photos of you - love the hat but sorry to hear that your hands give you problems when you knit.

What a difference the straight hair makes to your face .... how did your growing boy react to that? I had a hair stylist do something (not permanent)different to my hair one day and my son, who was 4 at the time hated it .... he cried and wanted his "old Mom" back - he was weird and so unsettled that I had to go and wash my hair right away. LOL - little kids!?

Mama Koch said...

You're beautiful straight OR curly! Mine is about 90% straight but will curl with some help...or friz with humidity.
I have a flat iron that I like to use, but I think it's drying on my hair to use it all the time.

Gail's comment about her son is like my boys....they're particular about what their Mom is "suppose" to look like.

paula, the quilter said...

My hands give me problems if I crochet. And if I knit with metal needles my hands hurt. I clutch -- hard. but I've found bamboo and wooden needles to be the answer for me. I like both styles of hair but prefer the curly. I'm all for natural.

Lindah said...

Looove your curly hair. Straight is nice, too, but the curly is soft so pretty. The hat color really brings out the color of your beautiful eyes.

I wish I could give you some suggestions for the handwork pain. I do very little handwork these days because of hand pain. I'm thinking that Paula's suggestion regarding bamboo or wooden needles is worth a try. Until then, back to the sewing/quilting machines.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I love the hat, it's color really brings out your beautiful eyes! And curly hair, yup, me too!