Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I Need Fabric

I NEED fabric. Oh sure, I have several totes just filled with beautiful, lovely fabrics, but nothing that I need. Call those totes the starter for sour dough bread if you will (those totes are small yardages), what I really need now is the flour (yardage).
Interestingly enough, it seems like I need a lot of BLUE fabric.
It looks like I actually might be near a fabric store tomorrow... and I am going with a list in hand. Because I would really be very happy if I had fabric to finish these quilts. First off, I need some dark blue for the final border/binding for that blue quilt. It isn't my favorite, but I just know I am going to love it as soon as it is quilted, so definitely worth finishing.

And then my star blocks... I am thinking a dark blue narrow sashing and setting triangles - the final borders will repeat the star fabric - which is light. Not sure how I am going to like light borders, but I have plenty of that fabric for borders. I think the darker blue will give it all a bit of definition and if I use the same blue for the binding... it is going to be nice. Anyone else have that mauve fabric in their stash from the 1980's?!

And then I have these heart blocks... I want blue sashing/inner border. I have yellow to make friendship star blocks in the sashings. Outer border can be red or something patriotic (the hearts have patriotic fabric and 1 strip of fabric has the Pledge of Allegiance written on it). So add red to the list too.


If the store doesn't have any blue (or red)... I have a back-up plan...
These heart blocks I made LAST February from lovely fabric Susan sent to me. I think a green batik will be perfect for the sashing and border, but really - all the stores I have been to have very expensive batiks so there sit my blocks... just waiting. I am thinking that if I see a nice green tone on tone while shopping, it is coming home with me. The hearts are all batiks with a solid, pale yellow background so maybe a tone on tone will be a perfect compliment.

Then there is this top (this is an old photo - it has been finished for ages - just waiting on borders). This is a Trip Around The World from a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter at
http://www.quiltville.com/ - It is the perfect, perfect pattern for using 1 yard cuts of fabric. My husband really likes the fabrics in this quilt and I would be very happy to finish it... I already bought a border fabric for it once - and when I got it home, it did NOT match! Yikes! That fabric was turned into lining for some bags I made. So, I still need border fabric for this top. The top is coming to the store with me this time around! Inner border of narrow black, outer border - probably a brown. Buy extra black for the binding.

Soooo - as you can see, I really do NEED fabric. I haven't purchased any quilting fabric yet in 2009 (other than 1 fat quarter for someone else). I am hoping that come next Sunday's stash-busting report I will have purchased fabric to finish as least one of these quilts! Fingers crossed that the store has something suitable. Blue, Red, Green, Black, Brown... hopefully being flexible will be helpful. And if I don't get to the store afterall... I will just keep making blocks - I've got plenty of fabrics to make blocks!


Brenda said...

I really like the blue quilt at the top. The way the lighter blocks on the blue come through give it a really neat effect. I kept going back to the photo to look again, and it's just neat the way it's almost looking 3D, like they are floating to the top of the blue.... really like it.

Actually, all your projects look great. Love the hearts. Trip around the world, that is one of the first patterns I have done, and I like them. So, I am looking forward to seeing how your fabric shopping works out!! I hope it all falls into place and they have exactly what you are wanting!! And, yes! Batiks are expensive!!! but oh so beautiful......!! I have done a top with them and loved every second of it, and now, I am planning on doing a Orion Star with them. It will be fun to see your projects done! have fun shopping!!

Scrappy-Quilter said...

what lovely blocks you have to play with. Why not think outside of the box and use other fabrics you do have on hand and not buy fabric or maybe ask a friend to swap fabrics with you - this is fun and does not require anyone to purchase anything. Use up that stash.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Can hardly wait to see what you find to go with all your lovely blocks.