Saturday, April 25, 2009

Re-making a favorite quilt

I only have the last 2 bottom blocks to make - I am not sure I will use that green or not, but definitely the gold. And then - onto the borders. Yup, another "fall" colored quilt. I tell you - I am really getting to the bottom of my fall colors!
For my fabric selections - my jumping off point was this beautiful leafy fabric which I bought for a border... and it just didn't work. So - there sat yardage of this pretty fabric with a large print on my shelf. This pattern is perfect for a large print that you don't want to chop up.

Here is a close-up of some of the fabrics. These fabrics are set aside for the pieced border. Many of my gold pieces weren't wide enough for the border part, but just enough to make a block. I never really know when to use gold so I had more than a few on my shelf - just waiting to be paired with this fabric, I think! So the outer border will be mostly the dark prints. And of course, I used some orange, School Boy's current favorite color! I didn't have enough of the same cream for all the blocks, but the creams are close enough in color that you can't really tell. Every bit from the stash, yeah! I'm not 100% convinced about the pink-y print, but it is all made and will stay.

And here is a photo of the 1st quilt I made using this pattern... before I put the binding on. This quilt has been my winter back-of-the-couch quilt and I just love it (backed in flannel)! And yes, I used lots of fall colors in this quilt too - but some pinks/blues/odd-balls as well, a whole bunch of OLD fabrics off my shelf and into a quilt! Believe me, some of the fabrics that found their way into this top are NOT beautiful. Shoot - many of the fabrics I used didn't really match the focus fabric (a floral). And they didn't match each other either. But - with all that white space around each block - there is a big visual divide so it all works out.

The pattern is by Gayle Bong from the book Save the Scraps. When Christmas prints come back out I plan on buying a beautiful large-scale pointsetta print for a Christmas quilt. AND, I am considering making this quilt using a novelty truck fabric I have on hand with primary colors for the other blocks for my son. There are so many great novelty prints out there that would look great in that large spot. Lots of opportunity to use your stash with this pattern folks! I highly recommend that you give it a try!


Lori in South Dakota said...

You are on a roll girl! I love the fall colors, and am looking forward to the poinsetta one. Great pattern for using up what you have.

SueR said...

I have that book too and love it. I want to make the one with the triangles. I like your quilt, and I think the light green would be a nice addition. Gotta tell ya, makes me cringe to see your son riding over that quilt with his trike! Yikes!

Shasta said...

It is a pretty quilt - love the focus fabric. Fall colors are my favorites too.

Mary said...

I love fall quilts and typically make one for myself each year...last year's was just a small wall quilt but it was the season I most missed the years we lived in Florida which is where we were living when I started quilting.

Erin said...

I love those colours!

Erin said...
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