Sunday, April 26, 2009

Long-sleeved Muumuu?

I'll start with the good photo - this is the dress I made in February for church. And, I am almost positive that I have worn it every Sunday since then, seeing that I have a fairly limited wardrobe and my favorite thing to wear is blue jeans and fleece. So 1 "winter" church dress. I thought it would be a good winter dress - you can wear it with a black scarf, tights, boots, scoop necked tank top under there, even longjohns if need be (heaven knows there is plenty of room under all that fabric!). My DH took these photos today. It is probably the last Sunday that I will wear tights with it as it is now getting warmer... I am thinking that I will probably get the month of May out of it anyway before I need something with short sleeves.

I lengthened it a fair bit from the original pattern. I will say - those sleeves have way too much fabric in the cuff. This dress makes me think of muumuus... but I've never seen a long-sleeved muumuu before! Maybe it is the Canadian winter version of a muumuu! The fabric I used is a really wonderful knit - almost like a swimsuit type of material. I love the fabric! And, I like the color because it is easy to transition from cold winter to cool spring. I'm not sure I've loved the dress, but it certainly has served its purpose! I've gotten alot of wear out of it - and with all those hidden layers underneath - I was still nice and toasty warm on cold winter Sundays!


Here is the original pattern info: Simplicity 2766


SueR said...

It doesn't look like a muumuu in the photos. It looks like it was a fine Sunday dress, and you look nice in it! Do you get your garment fabric at Marden's too or do you mail order? Tough to find good dress fabric up here, I think.

Mama Koch said...

It looks great on you too. When I think of a muumuu, I think of a 100 yard housecoat.
The skirt on the pattern looks cute too...may have to try it.

ps--I wear tights here in the wintertime too.

Lori in South Dakota said...

not a muumuu--no flip flops! You wear flip flips with ELEGANT muumuu's (so my friend from Hawaii tells me!) It's truly a "good dress". Just don't get it too long--show off your pretty legs!

YankeeQuilter said...

Hey I've made a jacket from that pattern! I think the dress looks great.